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Voice Adventures® Card Deck

with Martha Mouse & Baby Bear

by Monica Gustafson - Grades PreK-3

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Great Product
by Tiffany M.,  Oxford, MS
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
I do not have many materials made strictly for voice, so I really love to use this one. It teaches my children great vocal habits.

Great product
by Karen B,  Augusta, GA
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
Wonderful way to teach kids about taking care of their voices!

Great !
by Mylène,  Québec
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
I love the cards, and kids love them too ! The pictures look good and the different situations are well chosen. It is perfect to help kids learning the best ways to use their voice.

voice adventure cards
by Nicole T.,  Miami, FL
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
Love the voice adventure cards! Provides some great social scenarios for both my voice patients and also for some of pragmatics patients!

Voice Adventures
by Darlene S,  Calgary,AB
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
great cards for teaching my special needs daughter. The great pictures keep her engaged.

voice counseling
by Saeid,  saudi arabia
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
good way to counsel the children about caring of their voice and teach them bad and good way in voicing

Just what I was looking for
by Adhd / MERLD Mom,  PA
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
My son is an extreme visual learner. He also talks all day long, often lapsing into a high-pitch voice. This deck is wonderful - it teaches him excatly how and when to use our different type of voices. Something I had been trying to explain to him for over a year, he has learned in less than a week from this deck!! When I start to hear his high-pitch voice creeping back, all I have to say is, "What kind of voice does Baby Bear use?" and he instantly changes his voice. Thank you for saving my sanity with this one!

Voice Adventures
by Pam,  Ontario
#CRD11 – Voice Adventures® Card Deck
I really love my new voice Adventure cards!! I am able to teach the students all about good vocal hygiene in a fun way that keeps them interested. I can also use the cards to play Go Fish and Matching while using "easy onset" stragegies to improve their vocal quality. These cards an amazing addition to my speech materials!! I strongly recommend these cards!!

CRD11 -  Voice Adventures® Card Deck $14.95 
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