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Webber® Season to Reason®

Year-Round Sentence Cards

by Theresa McClellan and Cassondra Schomske - Grades K and Up

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Great for all ages
by Robyn C.,  Johnson City, NY
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
This game is great for older students who can read the cards themselves, as well as younger children who listen to the adult read the card. It's also nice that there are different tasks, not just repeating the sentences. Being broken down into seasons also helps having a use for these cards all year round, and the sentences relate to the season.

Great cards
by Michaela T,  Wilmington, NC
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I like the versatility these cards offer. I can use them for stimulus with my fluency students. I have also used these with my apraxia students to give spontaneous one word responses. Great purchase!

Lots of options
by Christine E.,  Danielson, CT
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I love this game and the variety of sentences the kids can edit, create and use. The kids enjoy how the themes change throughout the year. The cards can be used alone or with another game board. Love the sentences and pictures. Activities range in level and increase in difficulty as you move to the next category.

Gold selection
by Jerilynn P,  Knoxville,TN.
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
This set of cards are ideal for targeting sentence construction. I appreciate the switch of giving the student the adjective and letting them create the sentence for it. The sentence cards for creating compound sentences are awesome! They are what convinced me to buy this set. Good decision.

Season to reason
by Jennifer H,  Illinois
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
Good resource to use with students working on language skills at a variety of levels. Very easy to differentiate the lessons. Students seem to enjoy it.

Season to Reason
by Morgan H.,  Van Wert, OH
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
This little tin is exploding with all kinds of wonderfulness. I am able to use the cards with almost any child and they absolutely love it! The cards are extremely easy to use and are portable for those of us who have to take materials on the road!

One of my favorites!
by TPMoore,  Oxford, MS
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
This is one of my favorite therapy materials. Targets sentences and conversation in many different ways. love it!

Great resource!
by Kate S.,  Allen, TX
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
These cards are a great "go-to" source for last minute therapy planning. They can be used with a range of ability levels, from low to high functioning, readers and non-readers. Great buy!

Great starter!
by Marie WM,  Atlanta, GA
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I work with special needs high school students of varying abilities. Each student gets to answer in a different way, and I've been able to differentiate very easily using the cards and a jumping off spot. They really are great, and the carrying box is very professional.

Excellent Product
by Ashley H.,  Gainesville, FL
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I love the Season to Reason cards. They are great for the price because so many cards come in the kit! They have helped me make therapy more interesting than worksheets.

Great materials!
by Danielle M.,  Lakeland, FL
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I cannot wait to use these with all of my patients that are working on grammar, syntax, and sentence production. I can think of a dozen different ways to use them, and I'm sure the kids will enjoy the different "seasons".

Love this!!!
by Joyce P.,  Bellerose, NY
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
This is a great therapy tool! It addresses many of the subsections of the CELF 4!

Season to Reason...Excellent!,
by Julia D.,  Panama City, FL
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I am so pleased with this amazing kit! I love this language resource. It has worked really well for students who need support in completing, creating, correcting, and combining sentences. The beautiful color cards are durable and high-quality (as are all Super Duper materials), and the topics and pictures are categorized by season. Everything comes in a sturdy tin, making it easy to keep it organized. I feel like it was such a bargain for an awesome tool!

Grab 'n Go
by Lori R.,  Surprise, AZ
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
You're going to love this handy box! If you feel like you're looking for something new to teach the children or if you're looking for a quick lesson this is it! If you differentiate it you can target lots of age groups.

Useful seasonal materials
by Sue S.,  CO
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
This set is more useful than many season/holiday products. The focus seems to be on the language skills versus the topic. My students really enjoy these activities and the set can be used in a variety of ways beyond the face value use.

by Lauren,  KY
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
Very useful for targeting categories, comparing/contrasting, gramatically correct sentences and to use for sounds in conversatioN!

Quick Sentences
by Sonia E.,  San Antonio, Tx
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
My students loved this product. I use it with any open-ended game and it allows me to gather data efficiently and effectively.

Great game!!!
by Erin,  East Greenbush, NY
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I just got this game the other day and have played with almost all of my groups (grades K-5) already. They all love it. It is very versatile and you can adapt it for various ages and ability levels. I love that it is season-based because it generates conversations about relevant topics/vocabulary.

Season to Reason
by Jessica,  Atlanta, GA
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I love this product! I have found TONS of uses for it. The best part is my students love it too because they think it is a game! They often ask for "that ice cream game" (there is a picture of ice cream on the cover). I am excited that the cards are categorized by season and will provide me with stimulus materials throughout the year. Like I said, tons of uses for this for students of varying ability levels.

by Tamara Louis
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I love the Webber cards they are great and quick.

by kathi edmonson
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I have a wider variety of weber cards and I love using all of them. they are colorful and fun.

by Racheal Montgomery
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Sarah Potter
#CRD55 – Webber® Season to Reason® Card Decks
Gotta love the Webber cards.

CRD55 -  Webber® Season to Reason® Cards $59.95 
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