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Just for Laughs™

Understanding Multiple Meanings in Jokes

by Cecile Cyrul Spector, PhD, CCC-SLP - Grades 3 & Up

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by Melody M.,  Fond du Lac, WI
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
The kids love these cards.

Smiley Tokens
by Lisa J,  Conway, SC
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
I like the total product, but have found that I use the smiley tokens for more than just this game!

Get it?
by Karen R.,  Princeton, KY
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
Great product for my students in the autism unit.

smart and thought-provoking
by Sarah S,  Palm Springs, CA
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
Learning why jokes are funny is a smart educational experience I had not thought of before. The jokes kind of lose their humor when you analyze them but its the point of the exercise. My kid will be the cleverest comedian in her crowd of friends of elementary age! Very thought-provoking.

Perfect for English Language Learners
by Elizabeth,  Miami FL
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
I thought that my daughter might be ready for these, since she is advanced, but I was wrong. She really didn’t understand most of the jokes in Just For Laughs; I found myself having to explain each card to her quite a bit, and even then I wasn’t sure that she totally understood. Humor is one of those things that is tricky with young children because they are not able to understand sarcasm and they tend to think very literally. My daughter loved the game though; she thought it was fun to see which player could collect the most smile tokens. This game would be fabulous for people learning English as a second language who are still struggling with abstract elements of English language such as idiomatic expressions. I definitely think that we will be able to enjoy these a bit more in a couple of years. But I do like that the game triggers conversations about multiple meanings of words that force your child to use familiar words in different contexts.

Help for HFA
by Annmarie R.,  Warner Robins, GA
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
I'm an ABA therapist and work mostly with children who have high function autism. I have only had this deck for three weeks and so far I am loving it. Most of my kiddos have a natural desire to be funny and understand humor. Their inclination to interpret language in only one way makes "getting" jokes difficult. At this point the pictures are getting more laughs than the jokes, but I am really happy my kids are finding the materials reinforcing while we practice the multiple meanings of language.

Great Product
by Nicole B.,  Puyallup, WA
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
I think these cards are great for older elementary students. It is a great way to follow up a lesson on multiple meaning words and my students LOVE jokes!

Fun, but not really suitable for game play
by Emily J,  Rainier, OR
#CRD65 – Just for Laughs
This product is a fun way to help students learn multiple meaning words, however the "game" part of this product is not too rewarding for the students. I usually play a different game with the cards.

CRD65 -  Just for Laughs™ $24.95 
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