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Webber® Pragmatics Playing Cards

with Super Duper® Secret Decoder

by Julie Daymut, M.A., CCC-SLP and Wolfgang Hoelscher - Grades 3–12

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Pragmatics cards are Ausome!
by Elizabeth K.,  Oroville, Ca
#CRD66B - Webber® Pragmatics Playing Cards
I love these cards for my kiddos working on pragmatics and communication. They provide real life situations to kids and the opportunity to identify the best response in relation to adults, peers, classroom situations and basic skills. These are especially powerful for kiddos identified on the spectrum.

Webber Pragmatics Playing Cards
by Kathy S.,  Kennewick, WA
#CRD66B - Webber® Pragmatics Playing Cards
I love everything about Sharon's product. Pragmatics is my favorite area of intervention because across the educational settings, it is the most noticeable change in kids--every layman sees the change in kids. The selection of pragmatic therapy materials across the discipline is limited, so it is nice to have playing cards (inherent social activity) with pragmatic skills they must practice for every turn of play! Thanks!!! Love it! Kathy Shoop

by Tonya N.,  Florida
#CRD66B - Webber® Pragmatics Playing Cards
My elementary school student really enjoy these cards. They relate to the short stories and are motivated by the decoder that lights up the correct answer. The level of difficulty can be adjusted by just asking the yes/no question or including the expansion question. A variety of common card games (e.g., crazy 8's) can be played. I've used these with KG through 5th.

CRD66B -  Webber® Pragmatics Playing Cards $49.95 
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