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Sounds in Action Cards

Verbs by Phoneme

by Nikki L. Hunjan, MA, CCC-SLP, Natalie J. Dahl, MS, CCC-SLP, and Adrienne DeWitt, MA, CCC-SLP - Grades Pre-K and Up

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Help students practice grammar and articulation skills in one activity! This deck contains 220 engaging photo cards, each with a verb, targeted articulation sound, two WH questions, and an expansion question. Verbs are organized by sound, so students can easily work on the sound(s) they need.
Sounds in Action
  • 435 BIG photo verb cards (4” x 6”) organized by sound
  • 22 Sounds: P, B, M, N, T, D, K, G, F, V, W, S, S-blends, Z, L, L-blends, Prevocalic & Vocalic R, R-blends, SH, CH, TH, and J.
  • Initial, medial, final positions, and recurring sounds
  • Content cards, instruction cards, and game ideas
  • Sturdy storage box
CRD74 -  Sounds in Action Cards   Available August 1, 2021   
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