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Sequencing Verb Tenses 2

by Rynette Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades K and Up

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Very sutisfied
by Osnst Tauber,  Israel
#CRD7882 – Sequencing Verb Tenses Combo (Set 1 & 2)
I am using the blue box alot. The illustrations are beautiful and very clear. The purple box also has nice images, but I think the blue is better for me.

Great product!
by Brianna G,  Mississauga, ON, Canada
#CRD7882 – Sequencing Verb Tenses Combo (Set 1 & 2)
This is a great activity for working on sequencing, pronouns, and verb tenses (future, present, and past).

by LL Dionne,  Québec, Can
#CRD82 – Sequencing Verb Tenses 2
J'adore ce produit qui complète bien d'autre matériel que j'avais déjà!

Sequencing Verb Tenses Combo (Set 1 & 2)
by Linda K,  Fullerton, Ca
#CRD7882 – Sequencing Verb Tenses Combo (Set 1 & 2)
Teaching regular and irregular verbs can be tricky when you don't have the "same" picture sequence. These cards provide just that! I have the children sequence the cards first and then we practice filling in the appropriate verb tenses. This is a great product and would be an asset for any SLP's class.

by Karen C.,  Ontario, CA
#CRD7882 – Sequencing Verb Tenses Combo (Set 1 & 2)
These verb tense cards are perfect for small groups working on language and articulation in the same group. I love them.

Outstanding Product!
by Vivian S.,  Santa Cruz, CA
#CRD7882 – Sequencing Verb Tenses Combo (Set 1 & 2)
The pictures are very clear & engaging. Half of my students are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing and really struggle with English verb tenses. The 1st-5th SDC teacher almost shed tears of joy when she saw these sets! She even made a simple worksheet to go with these for practice writing simple sentences.

Great for Multiple Uses!
by Courtney P.,  Sacramento, CA
#CRD82 – Sequencing Verb Tenses 2
The Sequencing Verb Tenses 2, Regular and Irregular Verbs Card Deck is great for a variety of uses and age ranges. The illustrations on this product are bright, fun, and easy to comprehend. These cards take the hassle out of preparing sequencing and/or verb tense tasks.

Excellent Vocabulary
by Leisha,  Salem, OR
#CRD82 – Sequencing Verb Tenses 2
Our clinic uses deck one so frequently the kids were bored. Deck 2 has AMAZING vocabulary words and are an excellent addition to our clinic.

by Tara M.,  Reno, NV
#CRD82 – Sequencing Verb Tenses 2
I love these verb cards. I not only use them for past, present, future tense, but also really simple sequencing.

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