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Descripto Dinos™ Vocabulary Game Boards

14 Games

by Melissa Bossert, Kimberly Marino,
Sharon G. Webber, M.S., & Nancy Fulton - Grades PreK-5

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Descripto Dinos
by Audrey,  Long Island, NY
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
I use this in addition to lessons on describing with attributes, compare/contrast. Variety of boards keeps me interested, variety of pictures gives the students choices!

Descripto Dinos
by Tammy Woodall-Smith,  Florida
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
I was recently trained on the EET (Expanding Expression Tool) and this product helps students with goals that need to use those description words and the EET can be paired with this vocabulary game. Great product!

by Jen G.,  MI
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
This is a great resource to use to elicit expressive language out of the younger kids.

Descripto Bingo
by Shari Rosenzweig,  San Francisco, CA
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
This game is very fun and engaging for students of different ages! The colorful game board and dinosaur tokens are very appealing to little ones. The game is simple to play and is a fantastic way of getting a child to expand their length of utterance as well as use adjectives! For older students, you can add onto it by having them put the target word into a sentence after describing it. If you are looking for an easy game to grab off the shelf and immediately incorporate into your vocabulary building therapy, go for Descripto Bingo! I highly recommend it!

Fun basic game.
by Heather M.,  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
Kids love the dinosaur theme!

Expressive-receptive fun
by Teresa N.,  Bronx, NY
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
My students love this product and continue to ask for it! I use it to expand utterances for my younger students. With my older students, I combine the amazing variety of pictures with the EET program (Expanding Expression Toolkit). It's amazing how much language I get from my students.

Descriptor Dinos
by Marlene Aguero,  Miami-Fl
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
Great game very educational and functional for the kids .

Great for learning vocabulary
by Kendra D.,  Klamath Falls, OR
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
This game is fun and appropriate for preschoolers. It allows them the opportunity to name items, identify items, describe, comment, and request. So many goal targeting options! LOVE IT!

Loved this Product!
by Amy S.,  Tupelo, MS
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
I really enjoyed this game (my students did too!). It was great to target different skills in my groups. The students always ask to play the "dinosaur" game when they come to my classroom!

Many many choices
by Kimberly K.,  Eugene, Oregon
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
As an ELD teacher, the opportunities for language development are endless with this describing game. The students like creating their own categories and descriptors. After oral practice, writing can follow as a precursor to a larger essay.

Great purchase!!
by Christine M.,  Middletown, NJ
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
This game has been such a fun way to target descriptive language!! My students love the boards and chips. Definitely a great purchase!

Good Product
by Karen G. K.,  Springfield, OH
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
The kids on my caseload have found this very motivating. Because it is a rather large page with many pictures on it, it was a little bit too "busy" for some of my younger kids, but older elementary age did fine with it.

#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards

A Very useful
by Nancy,  Philadelphia, PA
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
Dino Descrpto has proven to be very useful in working with my caseload. There are enough pictures that it have longevity with the same client. Too many products are only good for one or two sessions, and then the kids memorize the response and they haven't learned the skill I'm targeting. Although I wish that there wasn't a giant unusable picture in the middle. That way when working with a group, I could turn it into a "sequence" or "bingo" type of game while still targeting descriptors.

Great pictures!
by Kate S.,  Allen, TX
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
This game comes with so many different vocabulary words "packaged" in a dinosaur-theme. It's eye-catching for kids who love dinos, and it's versatile in therapy. Great buy.

by Nicole S.,  Grinnell, IA
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
I am very impressed with this product. It's open ended enough that it can be adapted to work for many target skills and students.

Excellent product!!
by Jackie T.,  Miami, FL
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
Lots of fun ways to use with tons of vocabulary! Dinosaurs are a great way to provide reinforcement.

Descripto Dinos
by F.O.,  Brooklyn, NY
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
This game is great! It can be used with students working on a variety of language goals. It can be used to help increase vocabulary in general and to help children increase their ability to describe and identify items. This game can also be used to help children formulate grammatically correct sentences. My clients love this game!

Descripto Dinos Dynamite!
by Lori R.,  Surprise, AZ
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
If you're looking for some ways to build your kiddos vocabulary this is it! There are some many interesting words with pictures that each of them could illicit a conversation on their own. Great game. Great mix of words.

descripto dinos
by Molly,  Sioux Falls, SD
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
great for older kids. many pictures to choose from and describe using various attributes. not so good for younger kids as there are so many pictures to choose from. Also, the kids may get confused between the picture and actual target word. For example, the picture might be of an eye but the target is actually eyebrow.Kids love the game!

great for lots of age groups
by Jamie S.,  Kent, WA
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
I use this item mostly to target describing items by their attributes, but I can see using this with some of my articulation kiddos who are working on carryover. I like that the game boards include a few less common items, to challenge the students.

great game
by Adam Y.,  Weslaco, TX
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
My clients were thrilled with this new game, especially the boys. This game is a great new tool for vocabulary, using adjectives, using and understanding descriptions, compare and contrast, etc. I am very pleased with my purchase

Descripto Dinos
by Kathy D.,  Medina, OH
#DD12 – Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
I recently purchased this product and I am extremely pleased with its many uses. It comes in a nice traveling package that is perfect for traveling to clients and different contracts. I could not believe all the vocabulary words and the creative ideas for activities that it has. It has eliminated my need to carry numerous boxes of vocabulary, category , and other cards to work use for the same goals. I like that it has simple but also more difficult pictures on it so I can use it for many age groups. I have had a lot of positive feedback from clients and their parents!

DD12 -  Descripto Dinos™ Vocabulary Game Boards $39.95 
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