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Dice Dude Combo

Twist-Off Top and "Pop" Top Dice Dude
Patent No.: US D556,837 S

by Sharon G. Webber - Grades PreK & Up, Ages 4 & Up

Now you get TWO Dice Dudes for the price of ONE - the original Dude with the twist off cap, and the new "POP" Dice Dude with the top that Pops!
Twist-Off Top Dice Dude
  • Black die with white dots 1-6
  • White die with black dots 1-6
  • Yellow die with numbers 1-3
  • Multicolored die with numbers 1-6
"POP" Dice Dude
  • Push on his head to pop the dice.
  • One black and one white die dots 1-6
Dice Dudes stand 5½" tall with a diameter of 3¼" and have big, green eyes that move side to side.
Patent No.: US D556,837 S
DICE249 -  Dice Dude Combo Reg: $24.95Now: $21.21*
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