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Dice Dude Combo

Twist-Off Top and "Pop" Top Dice Dude
Patent No.: US D556,837 S

by Sharon G. Webber - Ages 3 & Up

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New Tool gets rave reviews
by Nicole W.,  Texas
#DICE249 - Dice Dude Combo
Would love diversity too! My kiddos love this new therapy tool. They don't realize that they are working. Love it!

Lots of fun.
by Jennifer K,  Athens, GA
#DICE249 - Dice Dude Combo
Dice dudes motivate the kids and help me keep my dice from disappearing. I use them with all sorts of open-ended games and worksheets. Would like to see a version with some diversity.

Dice Dudes
by Mary C.,  Massena, NY
#DICE249 - Dice Dude Combo
Attractive for kids and fun and easy to use. Helps to avoid dice falling off the table during group games and activities. Would recommend to others, good value for the price.

Seriously Love These Guys!
by Cherise at Mom and More,  Chicago, IL
#DICE249 - Dice Dude Combo
The Dice Dude Combo is seriously my new favorite items.  They are like the product that I always needed but didn’t realize it until now.  With two young (and active) boys I dread playing board games with them because they are constantly whipping the dice around and loosing them.  Even if your kids are careful with the dice, the Dice Dudes just give an extra special touch to gameplay.  I seriously love these guys! One of the Dudes is a pop-top, like the game Trouble, which who doesn’t love popping that bubble top.  It has two regular dice inside and it does not open up. The other Dude has a twist-off lid that you can insert your own dice for the game you want to play or use the included dice for your own game.  You get four dice (a regular 1-6 die in black and one in white, a yellow die with 1-3 and a multi-colored die with numbers 1-6.  This Dude is one you shake and the dice move around.  I honestly have nothing I would change about them!  These guys have made playing games fun again for us and no more losing dice or chasing after them under the couches!

Dice Dude Review
by Faith S.,  Champaign, IL
#DICE249 - Dice Dude Combo
This is a really fun set of dice shakers. The boys love playing with them. They are well made and lots of fun. They especially love the "pop top" Dice Dude.

DICE249 -  Dice Dude Combo $24.95 
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