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Successful R Therapy

Fixing the Hardest Sound in the World

by Pam Marshalla

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Take your oral-motor and articulation therapy to new heights with this fantastic new book from Pam Marshalla, a leader in the nationwide oral-motor movement. Successful R Therapy teaches you how to train even the most difficult R clients. You'll learn how to establish a "Cornerstone R" (the first R sound your student can produce consistently) and then move quickly to words, sentences, and conversational speech.
Written in a very practical, straightforward style, Marshalla once again demonstrates the integral relationship among oral-motor skills, auditory processing, and articulation control. This book takes oral-motor therapy beyond simple jaw, lip, and tongue exercises and discusses the higher level of oral control needed to produce a terrific R.
Successful R Therapy describes how to:
  • Achieve tongue position for R.
  • Improve auditory discrimination skills.
  • Lock in on a correct sound.
  • Address oral-motor problems associated with R distortion.
  • Answer parents' most common questions.
  • Build key word inventories around R.
  • Motivate clients and involve parents in treatment!
Whether you're a new graduate or a seasoned professional, we're positive you'll find this book to be indispensable for Successful R Therapy! Softcover. 222 pages.
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