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Successful R Therapy

Fixing the Hardest Sound in the World

by Pam Marshalla

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Great resource
by Lisa,  Portland, OR
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
Thorough book with lots of great ideas on how to facilitate placement for "r".

Wonderful Resource
by Ellen R.,  Columbia, SC
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
Working in a middle school, I see a lot of persistent R distortions. This book has been an invaluable resource to help me develop a toolbox of ideas to analyze and problem solve each one. It truly helps R therapy be more successful.

by Amita Koul
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

by Jennifer Conley
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
I love the products you sell. I enjoy the articulation products and the fun decks are so easy to use!

by Kerri L.
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
I love being able to get all of my therapy supplies in one place! You have such a broad range of products that can be used for the entire continuum of my students---everything from articulation to autism.

by Loa D States Uhrich
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
I love my articulation cards and games. The pictures are colorful and accurrate. The kids love the artwork.

by michelle riehle
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
I enjoy the NUK brushes and oral motor items you have. You have a great selection. I don't see any other proctucts that I would like to see. When I need something. I can always find it online at your place. Thanks.

by rhonda cowlishaw
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
love all the oral therapy products

by Heather Fischer
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
Thank you for providing products for children with Apraxia of speech.

by Lynn Y
#DYN47 - Successful R Therapy Book
I value the oral motor products that you carry. My son has speech apraxia so anything that is safe and can stimulate awareness of his mouth is helpful.

DYN47 -  Successful R Therapy Book $64.95 
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