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Carryover Techniques

in Articulation and Phonological Therapy

by Pam Marshalla, M.A., CCC-SLP - All Ages

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Carryover Techniques offers therapy ideas to help you design effective carryover activities for articulation and phonology. This 160-page, research-based book includes techniques, perspectives, insights, methods, procedures, and games that researchers and practicing speech-language pathologists have found useful in the carryover process.
Chapters include
  • What is Carryover?
  • Studies of Generalization and Carryover
  • Managing the Carryover Process
  • Self-Monitoring for Carryover
  • Speech Production Activities for Carryover
  • The Role of Behavior Modification in Carryover
  • Conversational Speech in the Carryover Process
  • Personality, Emotion, and Attitude in Carryover
  • Games and Activities to Promote Carryover
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