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Vowel Practice Pictures

375 Drawings Organized by Syllable Shape and Word Position

by Pam Marshalla

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Vowel Practice Pictures is a reproducible book featuring 375 words carefully chosen for their vowel content. This book gives SLPs, teachers, and parents a comprehensive resource to address the needs of students or clients who have vowel substitutions, distortions, or omissions at all language levels – no matter what the cause of their speech delay or impairment. The target words in this book include all eleven English vowels, arranged from simple to complex by syllable shape and phonological pattern. Target words present the front vowels first, the back vowels second, and the schwa is last. For easy reference, the index contains an alphabetical listing of all target words and their page number. Spiral bound. 54 pages (8½" x 11").
The following word and syllable patterns appear throughout the book:
  • Target vowel in the initial position (e.g., ape).
  • Target vowel in the final position (e.g., kazoo).
  • VC words with a simple vowel-consonant pattern (e.g., on).
  • CV words with a simple consonant-vowel pattern (e.g., Ray).
  • CVCV words that duplicate CV syllables (e.g., rah-rah).
  • CVC words of the closed syllable type with both an initial and final consonant surrounding the target vowel (e.g., cat).
  • Letters that represent the target vowel (e.g., B).
Use the activities in Vowel Practice Pictures for:
  • Individual or group speech-language therapy.
  • Classroom speech improvement.
  • Homework.
  • Home schooling instruction.
  • One-on-one reading practice.
  • Coloring or arts and crafts projects.
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