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Single and 4-Pack

Grades PreK-1

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by M.montalvo,  Puerto rico
#ELE350 – Elephone
my students loved this product...they found it funny and enjoyed listening to their own voice!!!!

auditory feedback
by saeid,  saudi arabia
#ELE350 – Elephone
good tool in theraspy for most of the communication dosorders including articulation . language , stuttering and voice

Love it Love it Love it!
by Amy R,  Buda, Texas
#ELE350 – Elephone
This is fabulous for my kiddos with APD/CAPD and phonological disorders...they usually don;t want the amplified devices and this works great and the kids LOVE IT!

Fits the Bill
by Liz C.,  Hammond, IN
#ELE350 – Elephone
I ordered this product after seeing older versions in our room which looked more like oddly shaped bed pans. This product is cute, and wasn't expensive at all. Great addition to my therapy materials.

does the trick
by Sara A.,  Brooklyn, NY
#ELE350 – Elephone
This little toy amplifies the voice just enough for the child to be able to hear him/herself more loudly and clearly. Perfect and fun for articulation therapy.

by Charla L.,  Colorado Springs, CO
#ELE350 – Elephone
I am a mother with two young children that stutter. We have another product that accomplishes the same task but requires hands, and is therefore misplaced or set down. Both of my kids love to wear this. They are speaking more slowly and clearly already and it's only been a week. The only downside is that it's a bit too big for my 3 yr old's head size.

Must have product!
by Lizetth G.,  Edinburg, TX
#ELE350 – Elephone
The Elephone works great during language, articulation and fluency activities. Not only does it amplify patient's voice, it improves auditory discrimination and auditory feedback. After using the Elephone for a short period of time, I've noticed my patients have improved tremendously! It's added fun to our sessions and the kids love it!

by Rebeca Olivas,  Santa Ana, California
#ELE350 – Elephone
When I purchased the Elephone it was in an effort to help those kids who are having difficulty listening to their sounds. However, when I received it, I must say I was not as pleased. First, the product is too big to fit on some of my little one's head. Secondly, I had thought the product was battery operated, thinking I would adjust it's amplification. But like I said it was not like I had expected.

by Kathy Gunter,  LaGrange, Ga.
#ELE350 – Elephone
The kids love these. They are a lot less threatening that other listening devices and they are much more likely to use them.

Really Helped
by L Long,  Roxboro, NC
#ELE400 – Elephone
I purchased this for my son a while back to help him talk more. I thought if he could hear himself it would help him and it actually did. We use it when he is just reading out words or when reading books. Would recommend.

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