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Inferencing BIG Deck Combo

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Help students develop inferencing skills with these large, colorful photo cards! To infer means to be able to look at clues in a situation and figure out what is happening. These cards present clear color photos on one side and prompts on the back of the photo. Students draw conclusions about information not clearly stated, based on what they already know about the photos.
The Inferencing Big Deck Sets 1 & 2 Combo has 100 large 5" x 7" photo cards in each box, with six follow-up questions to help children improve their inferencing skills.
Inferencing Big Deck targets five topic areas:
  • Associations (These items belong to...)
  • Identify the Setting (Where is this?)
  • Part to Whole (What is it?)
  • Predicting (What happens next?)
  • What Happened?
Inferencing Big Deck 2 targets an additional five topic areas:
  • Emotions (How does he/she feel?)
  • Jobs and Occupations (What does he/she do?)
  • Time and Seasons (What time of year/season is it?)
  • Actions (What is he/she doing?)
  • Cause and Effect (What might happen?)
Inferencing Big Deck Combo
  • 200 full-color cards total (5" x 7")
  • Color-coded for easy sorting
  • Content and game idea cards
  • Packaged in sturdy storage boxes
ENFC28 -  Inferencing BIG Deck Combo $79.90 
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