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Extra Fishing Poles

Photo Fish Equipment


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Ice Fishimg
by Sharon W.,  Circleville, Ohio
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
Kids love to pretend they are ice fishing during the winter months! Great product for a seasonal activity.

Great buy
by Kathy K.,  Chicago, IL
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
I'm glad I bought the extra fishing pole rods. I use it with the Fishing Verbs game and also adapt it to games I make.

Extra Fishing Pole 4-Pack
by Debbie R.,  Fayetteville, GA
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
I am enjoying my new fishing poles. My old ones had been used so much they definitely needed replacing. The students noticed immediately when we began using them that they were new and got very excited.

by Kayla K,  Evansville, IN
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
These are a must-have material for anyone working with speech and language! I love these and my kids are so motivated by all the fishing sets! Thanks superduper for your amazing products!

by Hilary S,  Abbotsford, BC
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
I like that these have wide soft magnets at the ends and not little hard ones that children tend to swing around (and potentially take eyes out). These are compatible with all the superduper fishing sets and work well. They are also good for children who have difficulty with fine motor or visual perception skills as the bigger, wider magnets make it easier for them to catch the fish.

by Vicki,  IA
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
These are easy for my kids to use.

Extra Fishing pole 4 pack
by Brenda H.,  Highland, Utah
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
I loved the value of this product. The poles were fantastic and about a dollar each!! Such a great deal. They are sturdy and perfect for any activity with magnets...

Great quality for the price!
by Karen B.,  Augusta, GA
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
Love these multi-functional fishing poles, and for the price, you cannot beat it ANYWHERE! :)

Good add on to the Photo Fish game
by Eric B,  Ottawa, ON
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
We bought Photo Fish for home use, but we got an extra pack of poles in case some of them got broken. I don't know if we will ever need them as the poles are pretty solid. but we have enough now for larger groups of kids.

Extra Fishing Pole 4-pack
by Deborah R,  Sharpsburg,, GA
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
A must to have with the magentic fishing products. They are easy for the students to handle and it's always good to have extras. Just had to get some more!!

Magnets TOO Weak
by Christine,  Windsor CT
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
Unfortunately the magnets don't work with any other magnet product that Super Duper sells. The magnets have a hard time picking up anything. I usually LOVE SD products. Not this one.

Speech Language Pathologist
by Lee F.,  Chicago, IL.
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
Great as an accessory for communication games. The students love using things to get to the final product.

by Becky W.,  Silverdale, WA
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
Being a new therapist on a tight budget I was very disappointed with this item. I thought I would be able to use these poles with other magnetic fish I already had, but apparently they only work with the Super Duper fish. The poles are not magnetic enough to stick to anything else. While I would love to have the super duper fish sets, I have a very limited budget each year.

Extra Fishing Poles
by Erin W.,  Charlottesville, VA
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
My students are always excited to fish for their sounds, but the magnets on the poles are not strong enough.

Stronger would be better
by Kathryn Lilje,  La Verne, CA
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
I like the fishing poles overall, but I wish the magnet was just a little bit stronger.

by Shannon G.,  Independence, MO
#FAS24 – Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack)
I just purchased the fishing poles and classifying fish set and have already used them multiple times. It serves as a great anchor game whether working on taking turns, categories, or articulation.

FAS24 -  Extra Fishing Poles (4-pack) $3.95 
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