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Extra Fishing Pond

Photo Fish Equipment

PreK - 6

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Unfortunately this item is branded
by Rachel H.,  Monterey, CA
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
This plastic pond is exactly what I expected- with the exception of the Super Duper labeling on the front. Due to the pre-printed nature of the product I can't easily cover up the words, and they are distracting to the students I wanted to use this pond with.

Fishing Pond
by Mallory S.,  Ruston, La
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
Love the Fishing pond! I guess i was expecting it to be a hard material but i love that its plastic! It folds up and goes in my therapy bag perfectly. My clients loved the whole fishing game!

Fish pond
by Katie E,  Hendersonville, TN
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
This is a great when you have the fish and the wands, you can play many different types of games with it and my kids love it!

Versatile Toy
by Kerry A,  Indianapolis, IN
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
I love this fishing pond because I use it with my First Step kids as a pond or swimming pool for people and toys. Not to mention the fishing game :) It's an easy clean up and durable toy that can be used with all ages and many different toys/situations!

Ekstra fishing pound fas-31
by Konny Hjaltadottir,  Iceland
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
We have used the pond so often in our school that we needed to replace it. It was falling apart. It is a fabulous teaching aid and my preschoolers love it.

by Kayla K,  Evansville, IN
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
These are a must-have material for anyone working with speech and language! I love these and my kids are so motivated by the fishing sets! Thanks superduper for your amazing products!

Colourful and bright
by Hilary S,  Abbotsford, BC
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
Nice clearly defined area to keep a fishing game in. Encourages pretend play skills.

Photo fish extra fishing pond
by Brenda H.,  Highland, Utah
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
This is HUGE. Big enough for a large group, or just right for a few around the floor or on a table. The colors are bright and a real fun way to learn.

Fun Therapy Add On
by Marshall P.,  Leesburg, VA
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
Not only can the Photo Fish Pond be used with Photo Fish products, but this mat can be used in many ways. I've found it to be visually motivating and a fun way to shake things up with repetitive therapy activities.

Photo Fish Extra Fishing Pone
by Deborah R,  Sharpsburg,, GA
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
I like the fishing ponds. They make "playing" more fun. With two we can put rhyming words in opposite ponds and they play a sort of matching game finding the mate to their rhyming word. This is just one of the many "games" that can be played with multiple ponds.

by Kathryn Lilje,  La Verne, CA
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
O.k., so I didn't really need it, but it's cute. It helps to keep the fish "contained" visually, too.

worth it!
by Maggie G,  Warren, Ohio
#FAS31 – Extra Fishing Pond
I have used the fishing activity using a bucket, and my students enjoyed it, but this bright colored, plastic mat is a hit for the students. It brings them to a pond while they fish for their target words. Glad I bought it!

FAS31 -  Extra Fishing Pond $4.95 
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