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K Photo Fish™

Magnetic Language and Articulation Games

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going fishing
by Amy U,  Florida
#FAS777 – K Photo Fish
I work with a special population and they loved using this game. I am able to utilize it for articulation and for language skills (labeling, category, attributes, function)

Happy Camper
by Jen F.,  Pasadena, CA
#FAS777 – K Photo Fish
The children and I LOVE to play that we are camping! We go fishing and practice our /k/ along the way.

Great way to work on target sounds with preshoolers!
by Moira L,  Fairfax, VA
#FAS777 – K Photo Fish
I work in early childhood special education as a resource teacher. These photo fish games are a fantastic way to work on target speech sounds, pragmatic language, and language expansion. My preschool students love this activity! I love that you can add on with a variety of different fish for different targets.

by Tracy B.,  Spring Hill, Fl
#FAS777 – K Photo Fish
This was a huge hit with all my clients. Words are very appropriate for practice. My kids always ask to play "Fish" I love it because I can stop putting paper clips on artic cards to make up my own fishing game (which takes a lot of time away from the session):)

by Lisa,  Canton, MI
#FAS777 – K Photo Fish
I love this game and so does my son. He gets very excited whem I ask him if he wants to "Go Fishing".

by Becky,  North Carolina
#FAS777 – K Photo Fish
I like the game and what it does. I am not satisfied with the magnets on the end of the fishing pole, The kids enjoyed playing the game but it defeats the purpose of the "fishing" concept if the kids can't use the fishing poles well.

K Photo Fish
by Lorrie V.,  Sterling, CO
#FAS777 – K Photo Fish
We bought the K photo Fish set for my 5 year old to make his "talking lessons" more fun. All the kids wanted to play it. They all took turns and had a great time. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks Super Duper!

FAS777 -  K Photo Fish™ $44.99 
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