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Focus on Manners!

Fun Deck®

by Audrey Prince - Grades K and Up

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Focus on Manners
by Linda,  singapore
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
Handy cards to teach manners individually and as a group.

by Laurine,  Canada
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
Excellent for children with pragmatic difficulties

Nice product
by Molly C.,  Conshohocken, PA
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
I think these cards give great examples of using manners. The students enjoy the silly pictures too. I think the questions on the back give away the answers sometimes so I usually rephrase or leave out everything that is written on the back.

good title
by Carrie M.,  Moore, OK
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
Love these cards! Pictures can be used with young and older student. The pictures on the cards are cute and grab the students interest.

by David c.,  Anderson, IN
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
I think the cards could have a little more detail. Students find it difficult to follow what is expected from the deck. I do not find them to be a great help.

Focus on Manners
by Carol S,  Cave Creek AZ
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
Its very cute and the regular education SLI children will like it and benefit from it. Not sure if it will go over with the ASD students and sometimes they need real photos and not cartoons.

Easy Social Stories
by Adhd / MERLD Mom,  PA
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
My 4 year old son loves this fun deck. This is better than the social story books we have. Pictures are engaging. We now talk about good manners vs. bad manners all day long. The open-ended questions are also helping him expand his expressive language skills. Love this fun deck.

Focus on manners fun deck
by Anna R,  East Moline, Il.
#FD103 – Focus on Manners!
I love this product! The pictures are very engaging to my students. I found that it is a very easy tool to use in teaching social skills.

FD103 -  Focus on Manners! $18.95 
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