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Fine Motor Fun Deck®

Hand Exercises and Prewriting Skill Cards

by Amber Swearingen MOT, OTR/L - Grades PreK and Up

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Overall great product
by Josette C.,  Long Island, NY
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
This is a fun, useful product. I work with middle and high school students in a life skills program and they enjoy the cards. I love the ease and simplicity of the cards and the motor activities are fun warm ups. My only improvement would be to include more of the advanced skill cards, maybe as an add on deck or an alternate option. My students enjoy and benefit from these cards, but they are older and can handle a bit more of a challenge. Overall great product!

Fine Motor Fun Deck
by rene C,  Dallas Texaas
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
The students like the cards and like to copy the hand exercises on the pictures

Fine Motor Fun Deck
by Sherry D.,  Muskego, WI
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I like to carry over the goals of the occupational therapist, and she will pick out the cards of the skills that need to be worked on. I incorporate them with my speech activities and the kids don't realize that I am working on their fine motor skills also.

Students Favorite!
by Julia R.,  Aledo, TX
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
When I go into my classrooms, whether its elementary or high school they all go look in my cart for this kit. Its fun, engaging and we have incorporated this into our weekly OT group. I am ordering this for several classrooms to have for my students to use!

Perfect OT tool
by Linda B,  Fair Lawn, NJ
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I just ordered this kit for my work as a school OT. I love the hand exercises, (and I add a few of my own,) and have used these exercises along with pencil olympics to present a program for typical first grade classes in the school!

by Fiona L,  Woodend Australia
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I use this fun deck in almost every session in my private pediatric OT practice. Families and schools love the simplicity and targeted skills and children are motivated by the quick activities. Highly recommend!

The kids like these
by Jen P.,  Waterloo, ON
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I really like the versatility of these cards. We use these often during fine motor time and the kids really enjoy the activities. The kids like the hand exercises (arm wrestling, motorcycle etc) especially the boys in my class! One the other side of the card there are a variety of prewriting skill activities.

Great ideas for Fine Motor!
by K,  St. Louis, MO
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I love these cards because they have great activities on both sides and they vary in difficulty.

Fine Motor Fun Deck
by Susan R,  Tulsa, Oklahoma
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I started using the Fine Motor product as a reinforcement activity with therapy program.Children enjoy imitating the gross motor actions, and correcting me if I do not imitate it correctly! Depending on skills and needs, the fine motor tasks allow for a variety of opportunities to encourage receptive and expressive vocabulary and langauge practice. Many have no opportunity to practice functional pre-writing tasks.These cards are great.There are also opportunities for choice making, (which marker to use,sensory input with cleaning the board and finally regardless of motor skill level, there's something about the great metal case, and for those who are able; hiding the markers under the cards, then working the latch all turns into a standard, anticipated routine! Parents love these. I've purchased 3 sets.

by Julie,  Beaverton, OR
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
Kids really enjoyed these. They liked alternating between the finger activities & using dry erase markers on the cards.

Fine Motor Fun Deck
by Robyn S.,  Sacramento, CA
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
As an itinerant school-based therapist who covers a large rural area, I don't have a lot of room in my car for supplies. These cards provide fun, quick and easy treatments without taking up a lot of space. I love them and so do my students. I can just grab these cards and GO!

very useful for us . . .
by Patty G.,  Ohio
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
i purchased this to have activities for my daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, to do while she is listening to her iLs music therapy (45 minutes in one sitting). she really enjoys picking out her own cards and has favored the writing tasks, but more and more is choosing the exercises. very appropriate for what we need. thanks for your great products!

Well Used
by Julie L,  Hollister, CA
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I have had these cards a few weeks and used them in preschool speech groups as a good physical activity between other speech type activities. They keep most kids attention for a few turns.

Fine Motor Fun is Fun!
by Julie P.,  Mishawaka, IN
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I purchased this product for my daughter who is an OT student. She is very excited to use it and it is going to be a great resource for her! Thanks for a great product.

Not challenging enough
by Dalit. y,  Phoenix, AZ
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
This is a very good basic motor practic. But it is not challenging for kids that need Higher level practice.

by Jennifer,  La Mirada, CA
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
This deck was fun for my daughter and it has a lot of items that got her hands moving!

Great Exercises
by J.V.,  Manitoba, Canada
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
Like the exercises but wish there were more complex written exercises too. We also have the Pre-Handwriting Fun Deck and written exercises are somewhat similar.

Fun FM Activities!
by Rhonda S.,  Richmond, KY
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
As an occupational therapist, I use the Fine Motor Fun Deck on a near daily basis! My kids can hardly wait to get started on the activities. This deck includes great hand exercises for strengthening & finger isolation as well as several opportunities to monitor prewriting strokes! This deck is exactly what it says FUN! I would recommend this to all OT's and anyone else working with FMC!!

Fine Motor Fun DeckĀ®
by Janice Y.,  Fort Worth, TX
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I have really enjoyed using the Fine Motor Fun DeckĀ® with my children. It is a fun activity.

great product!
by Amy J.,  Philadelphia, PA
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I recently bought this product and have already used it many times with GREAT results! Kids are motivated to follow the directions on each card and stay within the guidelines to teach them boundaries and visual motor skills. Plus the movement activities on the opposite side are fun and keep kids attention. Definitely a good buy!

Perfect Solution for my Autistic students!
by Holly Clay,  Oxford, MS
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I ordered this deck and found it very useful for my students with autism who have some major fine motor issues. Each card is fun and the activities are short and quick! They have great exercises for fine motor planning and development! The card clean up easily too! Inexpensive and fun...my kids don't gripe anymore about writing!

Quick Improvement
by Dixie H.,  Germany
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
My son, who was not doing well in fine motor control, really loved this Fine Motor Fun Deck. He would do it at least once a day for almost a month. He really improved his skills during this time and it was nice to have something that would captivate his attention for fine-motor skill practice. The pens it comes with are nice to, because he would get extra practice while erasing the marks he has made with the small erasers on the back of each pen. I pulled out this product when friends with young children came over to give their children something to do. After they watching their children enjoy the drawing and tracing and other activities wanted decks of their own. The only thing that would be nice would be if the pens were sold separately as well as with the box because my son (as most children might) left the caps off occasionally and dried them out. I ended up buying other fine-point dry erase markers from somewhere else, but I couldn't find any with the handy eraser on the back.

by debbie lamb
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
love the OT things you have! thank you!

by Heather Herdt
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
I love your OT line of products. They are simple and functional for therapists, children, and parents. My kids love Yogarilla!

by andrea morgan
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
Love the new OT products!!!!!!!!!

by Stacy Cook
#FD105 - Fine Motor Fun Deck®
The Super Duper products I love the most are the cards. I love the Sensory Diet, Fine Motor, and Yogarilla cards. I use them constantly!

FD105 -  Fine Motor Fun Deck® $24.95 
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