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Sequencing Events in Stories

Fun Deck®

by Audrey W. Prince - Grades 3-8

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This Fun Deck targets reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing skills. The deck has 56 cards (7" x 4") with three levels of difficulty.
  • Level One-3 Sentences with a 2nd-3rd grade readability level
  • Level Two-4 Sentences with a 4th-5th grade readability level
  • Level Three-5 Sentences with a 4th-5th grade readability level
Side A of the cards has out-of-sequence sentences from a story. The student reads the sentences, decides what the correct order should be, and uses wet- or dry-erase markers to sequence the sentences by number (1-5, depending on the sentence level).
Side B presents the story sentences arranged in correct sequence, an answer key, and three conversation questions for extension. Includes four dry-erase markers—all in a sturdy tin.
FD107 -  Sequencing Events in Stories $39.95 
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