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Basic Editing & Proofing Super Fun Deck®

with Secret Decoder

by Audrey Prince - Grades 3-8

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Improve students' editing and proofing skills using this 100-card Fun Deck. The card deck is divided into four sections using the COPS mnemonic strategy (C=Capitalization, O=Overall Appearance, P=Punctuation, and S=Spelling) and includes a fifth section with a mix of the four error types.
Side A has three sentences: Sentence 1 has one error; Sentence 2 has two errors; and Sentence 3 has three or more errors.
Side B has a paragraph with five or more errors.
Each card has a number of possible "errors" highlighted in yellow. The student uses a dry erase marker to circle or correct the errors, and then uses the Secret Decoder to check his/her answers. Correct edits will turn red under the Secret Decoder light. Basic Proofing & Editing includes 100 double-sided cards, a secret decoder, four dry-erase markers, and game ideas—all in a sturdy tin for storage. Cards measure 7" x 4".
FD108 -  Basic Editing & Proofing Super Fun Deck $29.95 
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