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Auditory Memory for Science Stories

Fun Deck®

by Audrey Prince
Illustrated by Jack Vaughn - Grades 1 & Up, Ages 6 & Up

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great help
by Marcy H,  CA
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
Daughter loves these cards. I can teach her a little bit of science and ask questions to help her remember and they get harder as you go along. She listens, finally

very functional
by Rebecca F.,  Crystal Lake, IL
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
I love the simplicity of some of the stories in combination with the functionality. This is a great and inexpensive addition to my therapy supplies

Adds Variety
by Amber R,  Waco, TX
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
My students love reading these science stories. They love learning these facts so much that they dont realize that we are working on speech goals!!

by Cate P,  Ohio
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
What a wonderful product! The bite size chunks of information are perfect for my ADHD students too!

Great for small group
by Katie,  Dallas, Tx
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
I use this with junior high kids as a warm-up activity or at the end of a session if we have a few minutes left. I have them jump up if they know the answer and just keep tally marks on the board for the score. The cartoon pictures don't bother the kids and the information is really interesting!

Good for 4th-5th grades
by Lauren,  KY
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
Great material to use for working on auditory comprehension with older students. I usually choose cards that can be incorporated into core curriculum.

by Megan L.,  Whitesboro, NY
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
These cards have made listening for information so much fun for my students! I use these with my 7th and 8th grade ESL students, and it is just wonderful to see them laughing and smiling as we work our way through the deck. I love that I can be learning new facts with them each time that we read the cards. I'm thrilled that there are so many cards in each deck. I also think that it is a great idea how half of the deck had 2 sentence stories and the other half has 4 sentence stories. It's nice starting out with the shorter stories and working up to the longer ones. I would recommend these cards for older students (children) as they were a little too difficult for my 2nd graders. Thrilled to have these!

A+ Auditory Cards!
by Stephanie Finkelstein,  Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
I just started using these cards two weeks ago to rave reviews from my students. Both the boys and the girls love the pictures and the science stories- and I love seeing my students' excited faces as they learn new science facts. The length of the stories is just right, and the fact that there are 3 questions to choose from makes it fun for my students. As an added game, lay out 4-12 cards on the table and hide a chipper chat coin underneath one of the cards...then give your student the chipper chat wand. It will "magically" pick up the card with the coin underneath- if your student gets their question right, give them a BONUS point for finding the 'treasure' :)

Super Science Stories
by Kate D.,  Australia
#FD113 – Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck®
While all the Super Duper Inc Fun Decks are fantastic products, the Auditory Memory for Science Stories are a favourite of mine. The vibrant illustrations act as an excellent visual cue for students and the stories themselves are extremely interesting. I often find students have difficulty understanding factual texts and this product is an excellent route through which these difficulties can be addressed. As a teacher I find these stories are great for use with both individual students, small group and in whole class situations, as students are motivated by the interesting graphic and entertaining stories. The stories have a range of applications as they can be used to improve students auditory memory as well as students comprehension skills. I would highly recommend this product to both parents and teachers as the high level of success students have demonstrated in comprehension and memory after the use of these stories is incredible!

FD113 -  Auditory Memory for Science Stories Fun Deck® $12.95 
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