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Move Your Body

Fun Deck®

by Kimberly Mielke, OTR/L - Grades PreK and Up

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Fun PE starter
by Kristin S.,  ,AZ
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
My 7 year old daughter gets to choose 3 fun exercises to do, before we start our workouts, in PE. She absolutely loves it. Each activity also helps her to work ond balance and/or coordination in fun and engaging ways!! I'd highly recommend.

Funny activities
by Rosi,  Pembroke Pines, Fl
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I have used it every day before start my activity with my son

Move Your Body
by Kelsey S.,  West Des Moines, IA
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
This is a good game to play to get kids moving and get them interested in doing physical activity. The cards are great because you can pick the activiites that are appropriate for each kid and make a game out of them.

Great cards!!
by Tanya B.,  Illinois
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I use these Move Your Body cards every day in my treatment sessions. They are very kid friendly and make doing gross motor & movement activities fun. They also are a great visual to use in addition to verbal directions to work on motor planning and sequencing.

by Ann Thommes,  Beaverton, OR
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
Have used one on one & with small groups of students with special needs. Kids enjoy them. Activities require varied skill levels to challenge students with a variety of abilities.

Great Motor Activity Resource
by Lindsey Biel,  NYC
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
As a pediatric occupational therapist, I appreciate Move Your Body! because it is an easy, fun way for kids to get the sensory input their bodies need while helping them learn to focus, follow directions, and read. Because I travel from home to home, I especially appreciate how easy it is to through in a bag and go! -Lindsey Biel, OTR, Coauthor Raising a Sensory Smart Child, www.sensorysmarts.com

Handy and Attractive to Students
by J. V.,  Manitoba
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I enjoy the convenience of having these handy cards. Kids really respond to the illustrations too. You may need to modify the activities depending on your clients, but you we that already. :-)

Move Your Body
by Sarah J.,  Overland Park, KS
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I am a school based occupational therapist, and I have begun incorporating these cards into my daily treatments of my younger kiddos. They absolutely love the actions and it helps get them moving, something that they don't get to do much throughout the day! These are great cards!

Move Your Body Fun Deck!
by Karen B.,  Seabrook, NH
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
The students LOVE using these cards to "move their bodies!" I use them during individual and group OT sessions, and they provide lots of fun (and motivating!) ideas to get my students' bodies moving to address bilateral coordination, motor planning, body scheme, etc. The teachers are using many of the ideas for mini-movement breaks in their classrooms! The actions are simple to learn and provide lots of input for the students!

Move Your Body Fun Deck
by Serene Wong,  Singapore
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
Excellent pack not just for its ideas for special children to improve strength, balance, co-ordination and motor planning but also for other children. I bought it with intend to use it as 'forfeit' for children's parties too. Great product and very good quality.

Kids love it!
by Lymaris S.,  Orlando, Florida
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
These cards are exellent for following auditory directions and to work with kids with apraxia. They love them because they are fun and something different and more active to do during therapy.

move your body fun deck
by Zaira S.,  Miami, FL
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
The kids I work with love the pictures and are highly motivated to look for their favorite card and to attempt the activities.

Fun Deck is Fun for ALL!
by Marybeth Hon,  Glen Gardner, NJ
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
The Move YourBody Fun Deck is a great tool for following directions. The activities are fun and the directions made everyone (kids and teachers) smile! The kids always ask for these fun cards!

Just Do It!
by Roni P.,  Custer, SD
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I am so glad I ordered the Move Your Body Fun Deck rather than try to make up my own!! The kids show more interest when they get to 'pick' from a deck and see the fun pictures. I use them for sensory diets, sensory activity time choices, sequencing, and motor planning to name a few. The PT I work with also likes them, and made a good point that the pictures are successful at encouraging correct movement and instruction following for our English as a Second Language kiddos.

Great Product!
by Meaghan,  Mahopac, NY
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
This is a fun game that can be used to address motor planning, as the whole body muscle planning affects the speech muscle planning, and following directions at the single step or multistep level. My students love getting up and moving around, pretending to be planes, etc, and are very motivated to participate even when it is difficult for them to follow through with the entire direction. It's also great because it's such a small package that can be kept in a pocket in my bag and used on a moment's notice. Very satisfied!

Fun for kids 2-8
by Kynda P.,  Fairfield, IL
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I own a small pediatric clinic and we use the Move Your Body Fun Deck in many, many different ways. It is great as a group game during our play groups or it can be used in individual physical and speech therapy sessions. There are enough different cards to choose actions which can be done while sitting or if the child needs to move around more, they can get on their feet to complete the actions. Nearly every child who comes into the clinic at one time or another has played with the Move Your Body Fun Deck. It is always a big hit here.

Move your Body
by Lindsey H.,  Martinsburg, WV
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I have really enjoyed this product. I do a lot of co-treaments with our OT and PT. This deck allows me to work on language skills like following directions while the OT/PT addresses their goals for positioning and stability.

great product
by Stacy L.,  Atlanta, GA
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I really like this product as it is a great activity for not only motor planning but also bilateral integration and strength/balance. It even incorperates the antigravity positions of supine flexion and prone extension into the product, which is something that is often hard to make fun for kids to practice! All the OT's and the PT in our office love this product and use it almost daily.

Move Your Body Fun Deck
by Randi T,  Pomona,New York
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
Never have I gotten such a wonderful theraputic tool as this deck pof cards and for an absolutely great price to match. I never tire of it. I have used it with all types of groups from my most limited students ages 10-13 to my preschoolers age 3-4. It can be graded up/down whatever you need. A great tool for any therapist in any setting with a wide range of clients and needs. I love it!

Special education teacher review
by Candace S.,  Napa, CA
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
These cards are nice visual supports to help students who struggle with verbal directions. My OT suggested that my students crab walk into the classroom which was great, but then got a little old for the students. Now I have chosen 10 cards from this card set and put up a different one every day. Some days we crab walk, stomp like a dinosaur, or hop like a frog into the class. This is a great way to keep them engaged, while tying in gross motor skills throughout the daily routine.

Great fun!
by Kassandra S,  Las Vegas, NV
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I love these cards. They have nice illustrations and simple descriptions for beginning readers. We use them for warm up activities.

by Pravina S.,  Surrey,BC Canada
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
An excellent fun deck. There are lots of other educational and useful products but with this fun deck children tend to have so much fun .My student's are always looking forward to doing the activity at the end of the session,fabulous reinforcer/reward.It's a great activity towards their fine and gross motor skills, Excellent all in one product..It does move smiles and giggles along with the body.

by Billie Moody
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
Thank you for your Sensory and Autism products! They are amazing. We get a lot of use from your card decks!

by andrea morgan
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
Love the new OT products!!!!!!!!!

by Kathleen Carter
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
I love the the weighted items the best...and the flavored gloves...and the sensory integration cards.

by Robert Evans, Yadkinville, NC
#FD116 - Move Your Body Fun Deck®
My preschool students love to Fun Decks and What’s in Ned’s Head?™. They find the items inside Ned's head "gross" and "yucky." They get so tickled when they pull out "Ned's lunch". All of the materials are so visually stimulating and inviting to the students. I serve preschoolers on my caseload, and they are always excited to use new materials with the characters they recognize.

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