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How Would You Feel If...

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K & Up, Ages 5 & Up

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Nice Deck
by Amy Sager,  Illinois
#FD117 – How Would You Feel If...
Really handy and helpful.

Applying feeling words
by Andrea G.,  Concord, CA
#FD117 – How Would You Feel If...
I pair the fun deck with photo feelings cards and ask the client the question on the card. I use to photo feelings cards as cues to answer the question. Usually given in a field of 3. I also use printed words of the feelings and have them choose. We also talk about more than one feeling that would work for the card. It helps to apply what the child knows (about feelings) and when they might feel that way. Quick go to...for social thinking tasks. Great card!

Feeling cards
by Mary H.,  Vienna, WV
#FD117 – How Would You Feel If...
This is great for the kids who can't really explain what to do in certain situations and the possible autistic kids.

by Shyla M.,  Ohio
#FD117 – How Would You Feel If...
These cards are nice to use when targeting emotions. I like that they actually show the reason why characters are feeling the way they do. These cards are also good to use when targeting predictive, hypothetical, inferential, and problem-solving questions.

FD117 -  How Would You Feel If... Fun Deck® $12.95 
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