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Function Match-Ups

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-5

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easy to use
by Rosi,  Pembroke Pines, Fl
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
This material is very easy to use

Function Match Ups
by Tammy Woodall-Smith,  Apopka, FLorida
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
This is a great product to work on functions of objects for little ones or for teaching the "Blue Do" component with EET. First do Category cards then do the function cards!

Truly a FUN Deck
by Danielle A,  Indianapolis, IN
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
These function match-ups are perfect for all of my therapy sessions. The kids love them and they can easily be used during mixed groups to target both language and articulation goals.

Function Cards
by Karen R.,  Princeton , KY
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
Simple to use with all ages, especially preschool and kindergarten. Also used them to name common items.

function match-ups
by Debra L Murray,  Belfair
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
I like the fact that you have a script and a separate visual of the object. That way one could work on either the function of an object or labeling objects from its description of its function. This is a tool that can do both.

Tons of fun with fun decks
by Danielle F,  Somerville NJ
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
The functions match up deck is fun to use with my preschoolers. I use them receptively and expressively depending on the student's personal goals. The students love the colorful engaging pictures. I like using a fly swatter for identifying the correct answer. The kids love incorporating a game-like element. I do wish the pictures were pictures of the real object instead of the cute cartoons.

Function Match Ups
by DianeR,   North Carolina
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
Handy tool...nice pictures with a good mix of common and more complex functions.

Many uses
by TN,  New York, NY
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
Great picture cards with so many uses... expanding language, vocabulary, etc.

Perfect Purchase
by ERudolfi,  Scranton, PA
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
These cards were exactly what I needed for some of my students. Teaching object function can sometimes be challenging to special needs students, especiall without large, colorful pictures ! I used these as soon as they were delivered.

by Alicia Loftin,  Rosenberg, Tx
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
I love most of the super duper fun decks, but this one is one my favorites. Its the one I use most often.

Love them!
by Christine C.,  Roseville, CA
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
I use these cards with my preschoolers all the time!

This is great
by Emily C.,  a
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
This deck is great for younger students or students who function at a lower level. It gives basic vocabulary that's useful is every day situations.

Function cards
by Karen H.,  Selma, TX
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
I have used these for years. I lost the cards and just had to buy more. You can use these to target functions and use of prepositions. Good variety of functions and nice colorful pictures.

Function Match-Ups
by Kay F.,  Union, IA
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
I was having a hard time finding materials for functions with preschoolers. The Function Match-Ups Fun Deck really met my need. It has great pictures!

Function Match-Ups
by CP,  Texas
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
Such a great resource for teaching functions. Simple and everyday objects children can identify.

good product
by JAK,  San Francisco, CA
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
My students enjoy reviewing these vocabulary items along with their functions and then playing memory!

Great card deck!
by Kayla K.,  Lakemoor, IL
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
I've found that these are very easy to use when working on functions with my students.

Great for readiness kids
by Peggy R,  Lewisville, NC
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
This is a great tool to use with my readiness kids. Many of them need reinforcement of object function and these are perfect. Activities can be tailored for one word response, sentences or even just receptive language and pointing. These are essential if you are working with developmentally delayed students.

Great for Preschool
by Jennifer F.,  Tacoma, WA
#FD12 – Function Match-Ups Fun Deck®
This fun deck is perfect for preschool age children. Sometimes it's hard to find products which work for delayed 3 and 4 year-olds, but these are great. I use them for receptive and expressive tasks. Most of the objects/items featured are familiar to young children. I have a feeling I'm going to be buying another set soon because this one is getting so much use!

FD12 -  Function Match-Ups Fun Deck® $12.95 
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