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"WH" Questions At Home

Fun Deck®

by Molly DeShong - Grades K-2

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WH questions
by Deborah Cox,  Springfield, VA
#FD139 – "WH" Questions At Home Fun Deck®
The picture cards are bright and bold and the questions are on a child's level. I like the cards as they help to bring up a child's interest around their home life. It gives children an open-ended question as well as a visual for them.

"WH" Questions At Home
by Lee,  Chicago, IL.
#FD139 – "WH" Questions At Home Fun Deck®
This is a great "WH" product. It is very flexible for working with students in the school setting. The students have several opportunities to communicate throughout our time together.

by Anne M,  Kansas City, MO
#FD139 – "WH" Questions At Home Fun Deck®
Very useful teaching kids social skills, problem solving and answering questions.

Wonderful reinforcements
by Louise C.,  Raleigh, NC
#FD139 – "WH" Questions At Home Fun Deck®
My son has the hardest time with "WH" questions. It's so hard for him to distinguish "who" from "what" from "where" at times. These cards are a great way to reinforce our lessons and continue to build on these important skills sets. Goes well with the WH Bingo game as well!

WH Deck
by Ashley,  Louisiana
#FD139 – "WH" Questions At Home Fun Deck®
I have found this therapy material to be wonderful for children who have the capability to read, but have difficulties with auditory language comprehension. This allows them to see a picture and read a question and eliminates the auditory component that some chilldren struggle with. I am looking forward to purchasing the other "wh" decks!

FD139 -  "WH" Questions At Home Fun Deck® $12.95 
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