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Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®

by Jack Vaughan - Grades 1–6

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Sentence Shuffle
by Cheryl B.,  Loranger, LA
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
This has been very useful, teaching parts of speech and helping those students who struggle to make coherent sentences. I find that having them write down the sentences is good practice with word copying/spelling.

Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck
by Tammy,  Little Rock, AR
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
This deck is so helpful for an, "On the fly" activity. The pictures are super cute and the kids love them.

sentence shuffle fun deck
by Ricki K.,  Seattle, WA
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
I love sentence shuffle activities. It really allows students to understand how word order impacts how well a sentence is understood. I do really like when sentence shuffles can be combined to create two different sentences (e.g., statement vs. question). Even though this fun deck doesn't allow for this all the time, I really like how each card is different and has so many opportunities to practice this cognitive skill.

Shuffle for Fun
by Judy H.,  Yorba Linda, CA
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
Very good card deck for helping students create their own sentences and focus on correct sytax. Also great to teach how sentence parts can be 'moved' around to form statements or questions.

Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck
by Deborah R.,  Sharpsburg, GA
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
I like these cards because they can be used for activities other than the intended use. They are great for describing, practicing proper grammer, and subject/verb agreement just to name a few. Great pictures the students really like.

Sentence Shuffle
by Joy M.,  Bartlesville Ok
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
This is a skill that has been difficult to work on because materials are hard to find. I can use it with students that are able to read or I can read the words to them.

by Jess H.,  Bergenfield, NJ
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
I am a recent graduate and am so excited with the purchases I have made this summer. I have never seen this fun deck before, but I know that it will be very benficial with the students that I am working with to help with talking in sentences.

Sentence shuffle
by Jen,  NY
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
Great product!

by Jessica V,  Knoxville, TN
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
I think this is a great tool to use. I have so many kids who have problems with sentences and this makes them think about the syntax order and they have the visual cue of the picture.

love it.
by Emily,  PA
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
I have used this deck in mixed groups of language and articulation-3rd and 4th grade. I really like how the sentence length ranges from 3-4 words and upwards. Many of the sentences have nice alliteration of /l/ and /s/ making it perfect for working with articulation. The color coding of the parts of speech is great as well.

Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck
by Arlie H.,  Healdsburg,CA
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
I let the students pick a card from the deck, then work on their own sentence, they feel pride in their work when they can figure out a sentence. The deck offers many different opportunities for the students to practice sentence structure.

Sentence Shuffle
by Vickie N.,  Weiser, ID>
#FD153 – Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck®
These cards will help my daughter learn to write her sentences. I plan on her utilizing them during her summer tutoring program.

FD153 -  Sentence Shuffle Fun Deck® $12.95 
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