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Comprehending Negation in Sentences

Fun Deck®

by Thomas Webber and Illustrated by Jack Vaughan -
Grades 2 & Up

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Comprehending Negation in Sentences Fun Deck has 56 cards to help students understand statements that include the negative word not. Students look at an illustration on the front of the card and then complete two sentences on the back by selecting the answer from three possible choices.
One sentence is an affirmative statement. (The pirate is ... rich.) The other negation sentence uses the word not. (The pirate is not ... male.) The sentences with negation may come first or second, making it very important for students to pay attention.
Comprehending Negation helps students improve their comprehension, inferencing, and critical thinking skills. These cards are excellent for children who have difficulty taking tests. Students can check their answers with the easy-to-use answer key. Cards measure 3" x 5". Packaged in a sturdy storage tin.
FD157 -  Comprehending Negation in Sentences
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