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Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck®

by Amber Hodgson - Grades 1 & Up

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Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
by Tammy,  Little Rock, AR
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
Thanks again, Super Duper! All of the work was done for me. These cards are excellent.

Great Product!
by Rachel R.,  Oklahoma
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
The cards can be used to target many goals in therapy and work great for students with different ability levels.

multi- use!
by Megan S.,  Lancaster, OH
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
I am using these not only what they are created (filling in grammatical forms) but also as picture cues for novel sentence creation. I love them!

love it
by Elizabeth G.,  Orlando, FL
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
I love these decks. Not only great for targeting expressive grammar skills but also great for targeting vocabulary.

Simple But Useful
by Cher @ Mom and More,  Chicago, IL
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
The Sentence Fill-In Deck is great because its simple. You get a package of oversized cards that have words and sentences on them and kids need to fill-in-the-blank. The cards are double sided and they are laminated so they should last through many uses. My boys struggle with using the right words and slowing down to think a sentence through so hopefully these cards help them. I plan on having them write out the sentences so they can practice their writing as well. Some of them you need to use the illustrations for clues and kids do need to think before rushing through them. When done, all the cards store neatly in an aluminum box with a latch.

Great Product
by T. Hiner,  Stillwater, OK
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
Fantastic for auditory closure tasks!

Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
by Maria O,  Upland, Ca
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
This small tin is packed with illustrations that captivate the students' attention.

Fun with Fill-Ins
by Lisa J,  Conway, SC
#FD158 - Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck
I haven't had it long, but my students like it! It has great targets for goals!

FD158 -  Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck $29.95 
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