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Possessive Nouns in Sentences

Fun Deck®

by Becky Spivey - Grades 3 & Up

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Possessive Nouns in Sentences Fun Deck helps students learn how to change singular and plural nouns into possessive nouns and use them correctly in sentences. The Teaching Cards show how to change nouns into possessives.
  • Singular nouns – add ’s
  • Plural nouns NOT ending in “s” – add ’s
  • Plural nouns ending in “s” – add
Use the color-coded Answer Key to teach possessives by category:
  • Singular nouns NOT ending in “s” (blue)
  • Singular nouns ending in “s” (green)
  • Plural nouns NOT ending in “s” (yellow)
  • Plural nouns ending in “s” (red)
The illustrated Playing Cards let students choose the correct possessive noun in a sentence from three answer choices.
Includes 56 Playing Cards, 4 Teaching Cards, Game Ideas, and Answer Key. Cards measure 2½" x 3½" and come packaged in a sturdy storage tin.
FD164 -  Possessive Nouns in Sentences Fun Deck® Reg: $12.95Now: $3.24*
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