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Complex S Clusters

Fun Deck®

by Clint Johnson, M.A., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK and Up

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Great Product
by Danna,  Los Angeles CA
#FD166 - Complex S Clusters Fun Deck®
I love this product! It has 3 element clusters in divided up into different colors in all different positions of words-- perfect for those higher level kids that I want to exit!

Complex S Clusters
by Janet Richards,  Madison, Alabama
#FD166 - Complex S Clusters Fun Deck®
: I love these cards and have not only used them with my students working on /s/, but also /r/ as there are many consonant clusters with /r/ phoneme in them as well. These are more challenging words, which is just what some of my students were needing. We have played the "Even or Odd" game several times, which works well in a group. I would like to see more of these types of fun decks with other sounds, such as /r,th,ch,sh/. Keep up the good work Super Duper!

Great Product!
by Carol,  Norwalk, OH
#FD166 - Complex S Clusters Fun Deck®
These cards are great and include /s/ blends at the ends of words as well as the beginning. They are more challenging but needed in practice.

New ideas came
by Pam B,  Boonville, CA
#FD166 - Complex S Clusters Fun Deck®
At first, I was disappointed that we couldn't play "Go Fish" with these cards, as there is only one of each. Then, we invented a new game, "Guess What I've Got?", by letting people see the three letters in the word that appear on the back of each card, and giving hints about what is pictured on the front. It has some difficult words for young kids, so it works all the way into high school. My girl with apraxia seemed to really like doing these.

FD166 -  Complex S Clusters Fun Deck® $12.95 
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