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Understanding Sentences Fun Deck®

by Molly DeShong - Grades K–6

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Understanding Sentences Fun Deck helps students improve their listening and reading comprehension by having them make meaningful connections between a sentence and a picture. Beginning with Set One (Cards 1–20), students look at the illustration (child throwing a stick to a dog) and listen to or read three sentences to find the sentence that describes the illustration (The dog is fetching a stick; The dog buries the stick; or The cat fetches a stick).
After mastering this set, students move to Set Two (Cards 21–60). Here they read one sentence (The fish swims in the cool pond) and find the matching illustration from a choice of three pictures (duck in a pond, fish in a fish tank, or fish in a pond). Students check their answers using the Super Duper Secret Decoder.
Includes game ideas, content cards, and answer key. Set 1 cards are 3" x 5". Set 2 cards are 4" x 7".
FD168 -  Understanding Sentences Fun Deck $24.95 
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