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That's Silly!

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K & Up, Ages 5 & Up

Main Product Samples
Mom poured ketchup on my cereal!
The ship sailed across the desert.
Dad carved a pumpkin for Christmas.
The cat was barking loudly.
That's Silly! Children will be anxious to tell what is wrong with the 26 pairs of sentences in this colorful Fun Deck. These cards help increase expressive and receptive language as children have fun matching the silly sentences and correcting them. The deck contains game ideas, card index, and bonus cards (Treasure, Reverse, and Wild). Cards measure 2½" x 3½" and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.
FD29 -  That's Silly! Fun Deck® $12.95 
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