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That's Silly!

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K & Up, Ages 5 & Up

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That's Silly fun deck
by Debra L Murray,  Belfair, WA
#FD29 – That's Silly! Fun Deck®
I like this fun deck. The students chuckle over some of the statements that they read. It provides lots of laughter while working on needed skills.

Good Product
by Marla M.,  Atlanta, GA
#FD29 – That's Silly! Fun Deck®
This fun deck is great!

Many uses!
by Maggie G,  Warren, Ohio
#FD29 – That's Silly! Fun Deck®
I love this card deck and so do my students! They smile and laugh at the pictures as they try to say a sentence to describe what they are seeing. I have students working on many levels of communication who benefit from these pictures.

That's Silly
by Christina N,  Vancouver, BC
#FD29 – That's Silly! Fun Deck®
The cards are cute and engaging. As a substitute teacher I find these cards a great way of getting students attention. I use them for K -1 and special education classes, they are great starting points for conversation and an excellent way to teach context.

FD29 -  That's Silly! Fun Deck® $12.95 
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