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Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades 2-6

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by Erin,  Tulsa
#FD31 – Synonyms Fun Deck®
Excellent product that has made my therapy sessions much easier!

Great to break up curriculum
by Sydney H.,  Riverside, CA
#FD31 – Synonyms Fun Deck®
I like to teach synonyms that are in the curriculum, but love using these cards to add some variety.

by Robbie C,  Waco, tx
#FD31 – Synonyms Fun Deck®
My kiddos love playing the matching game with these cards!

by Linda M,  Troutdale, Or
#FD31 – Synonyms Fun Deck®
I like these cards. The students were engaged because of the great pictures and short sentences. They were perfect!

Fun, easy and helpful
by Lauren C,  RI
#FD31 – Synonyms Fun Deck®
These cards are great for quick simple games targeting synonyms. The pictures provide helpful visual support for the students to match target vocabulary. Great for a variety of ages.

Visually Supportive
by Diane M.,  Albuquerque, NM
#FD31 – Synonyms Fun Deck®
I was recently assigned a student who struggles with reading who has a goal for synonyms. I used the typical treatment type sheet and the student could not meet his goal, even with my reading the words. I ordered Super Duper's Synonyms Fun Deck and with the visual support, my student is now making gains and his low reading ability is not keeping him from meeting his language goals. I can always count on Super Duper to make my job easier and more effective.

Synonyms Fun Deck
by Amy N.,  Apple Valley, CA
#FD31 – Synonyms Fun Deck®
I'm using the Synonyms Fun Deck with our ten year old son who has Down syndrome. We LOVE this Fun Deck.

FD31 -  Synonyms Fun Deck® $12.95 
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