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Let's Name... Things

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK & Up, Ages 4 & Up

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Lets name things
by Holly M,  Indiana
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
We love this fun deck! This is actually the 2nd time we purchased it. Kids enjoy it too.

by Sharon J.,  Dawn, Texas
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
Great cards for categories - fast paced activity with a group of children. Person that thinks of the most in a category is the winner. Keep scores

Very Satisfied
by Shprintzy L.,  Union City, NJ
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
I used this card deck with Pre-K students that had a hard time naming objects and word finding difficulties. They had such a good time using these cards to stimulate lsits of wrods associated with the picture on the card. Their smile just said it all. The pictures are very stimulating and inviting.

Easy for Therapist
by Tiffany D.,  Hickory, NC
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
This card deck makes it easy to go through some harder category concepts with patients/students. These cards force students to think outside of just "name me 4 colors" or "name me 4 animals".

Handy and Useful
by Sally S.,  Pottsville,PA
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
These cards have come in very handy with lower level kids,(gr.4 and life skills). I have actually divided them into concrete and abstract groupings. A good addition to my materials, eventhough the pictures are pretty early elem./babyish.

Fun Cards
by Beverly G.,  Clearwater Beach, FL
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
My students really enjoyed the naming cards. There was a nice variety with 52 different cards. The pictures were very colorful and attention grabbing. These Let's Name .. Things cards were a good purchase!

by Julia V.,  San Antonio,TX
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
Good for all school age children. You can use these cards as story starters or to categorize.

Let name things
by Nathalie N.,  Montreal, Quebec
#FD33 – Let's Name... Things Fun Deck®
I like this product, along with your other products, as it is user friendly, very practical and mind-stimulating to stimulate the young kids with their language and cognitive development. As a parent who like your products so much, I have purchased, in all, 52 pho cards and fun decks from you to deach my children. I think your products are great.

FD33 -  Let's Name... Things Fun Deck® $12.95 
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