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Compare and Contrast

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K-3

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Love this Fun Deck!
by Sarah G.,  Mount Laurel, NJ
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
I love using these Compare and Contrast cards with my language students! The graphics are great! I like using these in my mixed group so my language kids get "cards" just like the articulation students and everyone feels like they are doing the same thing/it is "fair".

Another winning fun deck!
by Monica B.,  Allentown, PA
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
I added this set to my fun deck library, and it has become my "go to" for comparing and contrasting. My students definitely benefit from having the pictures to look at as opposed to presenting two words verbally. Great, inexpensive therapy tool!

by Erin,  Tulsa
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
This product is so versatile and is great for traveling SLPs. My students really like the pictures!

Great Material
by Megan G,  Pittsburgh, PA
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
I have been creating a lot of my own material recently and was pleasantly pleased when I received this Compare/Contrast deck. The illustrations are able to be formulated to work with the lower and higher level kids if adapted. I love it when material can be used across the board with all my patients no matter what age and what goals I am working on!

Compare and Contrast Fun Deck
by Amy R.,  Anchorage, AK
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
Easy to use; nice variety of items; children like the pictures.

by Judy H.,  Yorba Linda, CA
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
Very nice deck for teaching students the concepts of comparing and contrasting and seeing how things are the same and different. Very good for those students on the spectrum who tend to see things in a very narrow way.

by Emily C.,  Augusta, GA
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
The cards are great and easy to carry around and the kids love flipping through them.

Great Purchase
by SLP,  GA
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
I have gotten SO much usage out of this one deck of cards. It is great for compare and contrast, but also works wonders for describing, formulating sentences, and other language activities.

by Jess,  Oh
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
Another great product to have for treatment, so many ways to use this with clients.

compare and contrast
by Paula Rivers,  Columbia, MD.
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
The pictures in this set of cards are very cute. I like the way you have set up the pictures.

Good pictures
by LouAnn M.,  Colorado Springs, CO
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
This set of pictures has very easy pictures for students to recognize. A very good value!

Great teaching tool!
by Candace G.,  Woodruff, SC
#FD45 – Compare and Contrast
Fun Deck
I purchased this for my son because his speech therapist recommended it. She uses it with him in helping to compare and contrast things. He has had a hard time with this but these cards are very helpful and making him learn much faster. His speech therapist says he improves each week so I know it is working.

FD45 -  Compare and Contrast Fun Deck® $12.95 
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