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Understanding Negation

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-3

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Quality material
#FD47 – Understanding Negation Fun Deck
I am very satisfied with this material and below I will mention the reasons why.. 1.Very good price for the academic purpose of it. 2.Very good material,(plastic).This keeps a lot of years the material in a good condition and avoids the cost of laminate from the therapist. 3.Amazing help for the autistic children for installing the ability of negation.

Great for all levels
by Jessica,  Oklahoma
#FD47 – Understanding Negation Fun Deck
This is a really nice deck because you can use them with all levels. The deck comes with a card with recommendations of how to level up or down and the cards also increase in difficulty from a field of 2 to 4.

Understanding Negation
by Margaret,  Summerville
#FD47 – Understanding Negation Fun Deck
These cards are the basics to teaching likenesses and differences! A child needs this before he will ever begin making distinctions between items!

Understanding negation fun deck
by Lori J.,  Norman, OK
#FD47 – Understanding Negation Fun Deck
I really like this deck. I am able to use it receptively and for creating grammatically correct sentences. It is easy to level up or down depending on the children's success!

Great Variety
by Lindsay V.,  Auburn, AL
#FD47 – Understanding Negation Fun Deck
This deck allows the clinician to build the complexity of the task based on the client. The visuals allow the clinician to change the targeted negative in order to increase carryover.

FD47 -  Understanding Negation Fun Deck® $12.95 
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