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Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-4

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Excellent Resource!
by Katie K.,  Orlando, FL
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
I have used this with multiple grades including 1st, second, and 3rd. They enjoy answering the questions. The 3rd grades and higher may not be there for being already there but I might just be to say in complete sentences instead of fragments.

Multiple uses for How deck
by Renee P,  Sydney, Australia
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
Fantastic Product! I use this tool for many different reasons; helping children to organise and plan their thoughts, learning how to write a procedure, answering how questions and retelling sequences. Students enjoy this product as it is bright, clear and there are so many different options (from making a snowman to washing your hands).

How Cards
by Darlene S,  Calgary,AB
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
great cards for teaching my special needs daughter. The great pictures keep her engaged.

So much info!
by Rachel B.,  Madison, WI
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
This deck is really great because it requires so much language to answer the questions adequately and appropriately than other wh-questions do. You can get so much information about a child's language and processing! Great for eliciting a language sample too.

Multi-Purpose "How?" Fun Deck
by Nora H.,  Sacramento, CA
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
I can use the "How?" Fun Deck cards for many speech goals at one time: -articulation practice and articulation carry-over in conversational speech -grammar practice with "is/are" in sentences or expanding adjective/describing word useage -practicing statements with more fluency, slower rate, relaxation breathing, and syllable clarity -pragmatic social skills with eye contact, listening to other opinions, turn-taking, and offering a response -vocal practice to encourage optimal voice patterns and targets -critical thinking skills -I have elementary, middle school, and high school students on my caseload. I can use these cards with all ages and skill levels.

How much do I like this tool?
by Andrea C,  Port Washington, WI
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
I really like using my new How? Fun Deck. I have a lot of kids on my caseload how have a difficult time answering questions and problem solving. I can use these cards with boards games or other reinforcing activities to help them better understand what How questions are asking and expand the complexity of their language.

by Megan Thayer,  Raleigh NC
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
This is so great! The pictures and the questions are great for kids. However, some of them are really off the wall, that I never use, like 'how do you wake a sleeping elephant?' It's hard for a child to explain that, or to even imagine how to especially if they have a delay.

How? Fun Deck
by Deborah R.,  Fayetteville, GA
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
Really good cards. Nice pictures and a fun way to get the students to describe how to do things. Let them pick their own topic or draw a card and get a surprise topic. Either way is fun.

Another great deck!
by Becky W.,  Silverdale, WA
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
Another great deck. It's great for articulation at the conversations level and conversation starters.

Another Idea for Story Sequencing
by Deb K,  Las Vegas, Nv
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
I have used this HOW? fun deck with my SLD students to target FIRST/NEXT/LAST, and they ask for more turns! Each student chooses one picture, and reviews the sequence out loud responding to the target questions. Then he/she uses the Electronic Spinner (1-3) to find out how many steps they have to provide.

Awesome materials!!
by Tricia R.,  Kelowna, BC
#FD50 – How? Fun Deck®
I just can't believe how awesome the materials I have ordered from Super Duper are! Why did I not know about this company earlier???!!! They make great curriculum!

FD50 -  How? Fun Deck® $12.95 
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