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Practicing Pragmatics

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-4

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Very useful fun deck!
by Kathleen N.,  Westford, MA
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
I am using this fun deck to work with a child with autism on his social skills. It presents a variety of questions in different topics…all in one deck! Parents like it too!

practicing pragmatics fun deck
by Ricki K.,  Seattle, WA
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
There are a lot of different categories that this fun deck targets. It's nice to have such a variety because so many students are working on different skills. This fun deck allows you to work on politeness with one student, while working on sequencing/describing how to do/make something with another student. This is especially useful when working in groups!

Great for kiddos with autism
by Kelli J.,  Salem, OR
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
I used these cards with a 9-year-old client with autism. They provided a fun way to talk about these topics.

Practicing Pragmatics
by Denise,  The Woodlands, TX
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
My son has Autism and asks to do theses cards before going to bed.

Practicing Pragmatics Helps My Students
by Carrie M.,  Mandeville, LA
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
The Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck gives me a better look at introducing or extending these skills with my students. I am a Preschool Early Interventionalist for a Reduced Numbers Class. My students are primarily Developmental Delayed &/or children with Autism. Much of their communicative skills are underdeveloped for their age. I can use this Fun Deck to attempt to share their feelings and thoughts. It assists them to reveal with words how to get their innermost thoughts communicated. I use just a few cards at a time with one or two students. We try to get them to use words, but sometimes we assist them with visual icons and pictures to help stimulate their verbal output. I have just begun to scratch the surface with Practicing Pragmatics. I hope to use it more often in the future.

Practicing Pragmatics
by Lori E.,  Orlando, FL
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
Excellent for working with ASD students. Nice colorful pictures.

Practicing Pragmatics
by Maryam V.,  Los Angeles, CA
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
This is a great tool to practice theory of mind. The children I have used this with showed great interest in the pictures and progress is already being shown. I like the colorful pictures and the variety of scenarios.

Practicing Pragmatics
by Mary,  Ireland
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
A great fun deck to work with pragmatics.

by Mary Schmidt,  NY
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
These cards are great to work on Pragmatic skills. I use them to have my students formulate questions based on the situations presented on the cards. The pictures are great for the children to look at and get clues about what questions they could ask!

easy and practical
by Annie N.,  Dayton, OH
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
I like the functional situations of these cards. They are easy and great for fast practice.

Great tool
by Charlotte C.,  Williamsburg, VA
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
These cards have helped my son with social situations and given him increased confidence. The only cards out of the deck we didn't like were the ones dealing with feelings.

Practicing Pragmatics
by Trista B.,  Virginia, IL
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
I use this material frequently with my students with autism. The cards provide opportunities for role playing and conversational turn-taking during situations that occur in everyday life. Great product!

Practicing Pragmatics - Fun Deck
by Vidhya R,  Escondido, CA
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
Practicing Pragmatics is a great tool to work with students with social communication problem. It has pictorial cues to understand the questions. Works directly on social language situation in a funfilled game. Me and my kids love it!!

Great social skills a
by SLP - School,  Arlington, MA
#FD52 – Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
This set of cards is very helpful and fun for kids! My little guys love asking each other the questions, and the visuals help them when they have to think about how to answer.

FD52 -  Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck $12.95 
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