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Irregular Verbs

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K & Up, Ages 5 & Up

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Fun to teach with
by Ms. D.,  Newport News, VA
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
I am actually an ESL teacher. I needed a fun activity to teach/review with my students the past forms of regular and irregular verbs. These two fun decks, one for regular and one for irregular verbs, were very easy to use in different activities. My students really liked them and keep asking to work with them again and again. The pictures for the present and past form of the verbs are nicely drawn and meaningful. The example sentences are fairly easy for elementary level ESL students. The cards are sturdy and come in a nice tin container. I'm looking forward to using these fun decks for many more years.

Irregular Verbs fun deck
by Debra L Murray,  Belfair, WA
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
I like the quick examples for the students with clear pictures. It makes it easier for drilling verb tenses with the students.

Love this deck
by Kim M,  Lebanon, ME
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
Makes it so easy to get drill work done and they I can use them as a visual reminder in a more natural context.

Irregular Verbs Fun Deck
by Deborah R,  Sharpsburg, GA
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
Great product to practice using proper irregular verbs. The kids love the pictures.

Great buy!
by JoAnne B.,  Cleveland, OH
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
This fun deck is super cute and engaging. Illustrations really capture a child's attention. Love the enclosed game ideas as well. Sturdy tin will keep the cards in good shape for years to come.

Wonderful tool!
by Carolyn P.,  CA
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
I use this deck all the time. The kids love the illustrations.

Very handy
by Rachel B.,  Madison, WI
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
A good collection of irregular verbs. So much better than having to hunt down a bunch myself!

So many verbs
by TN,  NY
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
I love this combo - regular and irregular verbs. The kids love the pictures and are really engaged in using them.

Time saver
by Hadis,  Tarzana, CA
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
Great Product! Both I and my aid use this with our students who are having difficulty with their language.

Success with Verbs
by Mindi C,  Vancouver, BC
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
Fun Decks Verb Combo was a great success for my 5 year old son. The cards are creative and fun and provide a lesson in past tense regular and irregular verbs. After one game my son showed improvement in his language skills.

A good deck to have!
by Marie J.,  Québec, Canada
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
My 5-year old daughter has a mild deficiency and we have to practice 15 to 30 minutes every day in order to overcome it. These cards make it easy for me to teach her irregular verbs – the text is simple (and applies to everyday language) and the images/pictures are fun for her.

Good resource
by Cassie C,  Conroe, TX
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
These are great cards for the visual learner. The sentences are very repetitive in structure. I do enjoy having them.

Irregular Past Tense
by Olivia,  Boston, MA
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
I get a lot use out of these cards. The children really enjoy the pictures for each irregular past tense verb. I use the cards to play a matching game or use the game ideas provided by Super Duper in the tin.

Irregular verbs
by Petra P.,  USA
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
This is good. i only wish I had one for each irregular web. How many is there anyway?

Useful tool
by Shannon R.,  Dallas, TX
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
I have used these multiple times and they have turned out to be a great tool; however, I wish the verbs were a little bit more functional for my younger kiddos. Some of the verbs are ones that they probably will not use on a day-to-day basis.

Great Deck for Learning Past Tenses Verbs
by MIss Sara,  Los Angeles, CA
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
Mu students absolutely love both decks. I work with students ages 5 - 14 who are second language learners. These decks have great pictures and keep them entertained while they are practicing correct verb usage. Overal, great product!

So Versatile
by Nancy R.,  Dresher, PA
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
This is a great way to teach irregular verbs. Because the cards state the verbs in both present and past tense, it gives students practice with both tenses. The cards can be used in a variety of ways from matching verbs to eliciting the correct past tense. My students really enjoy working with them, and so do I!

Time Saver
by Ashley N.,  Tulsa, OK
#FD5430 – Fun Deck® Verbs Combo
Great illustrations. Great quality.The storage containers are excellent. I save a lot of time using these cards instead of printing examples of verb tenses.

by Rebecca T,  Ft. Myers, FL
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
I am a speech technician in a middle school. I service lifeskills students. Most are very low functioning, so it is difficult to teach them the rules of grammar. These cards are great to have fun with them, while they are learning their irregular verbs. The colorful pictures on the cards prompt them so they are able to answer correctly whether or not they can read. They never get tired of using them, in fact, many times they ask if they can do them. There are many ways to use these cards. Let your imagination be free.

Irregular Verbs
by Taimi S.,  Fairport, NY
#FD30 – Irregular Verbs Fun Deck®
I love this fun deck because teaching irregular verbs is a difficult task for students to comprehend. The pictures on these cards are wonderful!!!

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