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Changing Statements to Questions

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-4

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Good practice
by Kimberly M.,  Chicago, IL
#FD55 – Changing Statements to Questions Fun Deck
Great visuals to help kids understand and see the difference between statements and questions.

Changing statements to questions
by Debra L Murray,  Belfair, WA
#FD55 – Changing Statements to Questions Fun Deck
I have a student that this has been very helpful with. It provides a good visual and allows him to process the task of making it into a question. He is still working on this skill, but this material gives him practice.

by Jess,  Oh
#FD55 – Changing Statements to Questions Fun Deck
So many different ways to use this another must have for treatment

Statements to Questions
by Karen H.,  Selma, TX
#FD55 – Changing Statements to Questions Fun Deck
These cards are useful for helping children understand how to go from questions to full sentences for answers. Of course, they are also great for teaching children how to ask a question if you already have the answer. This can be a most difficult concept to understand. The cards use simple language and a few selected types of questions. No irregular past tense verbs that change to using the present tense in the question.

changing statements to questions
by Paula Rivers,  Columbia, MD.
#FD55 – Changing Statements to Questions Fun Deck
I think this set of cards is very attractive and helpful for early language learners. It is a fun way to learn to reorder words into questions.

interrogative reversals deck
by Marilyn W.,  Rochester, MN
#FD55 – Changing Statements to Questions Fun Deck
The changing statements to question deck is amazingly flexible! I have used it for pronouns, for subject-verb agreement, for direct objects, and for interrogative reversals QUESTION/STATEMENT. As always, the card deck is on thicker paper, and has some lamination. I actually have purchased 2, the first one was purchased years ago, has worn out from use! Thanks Super Duper! Another goal friendly material.

FD55 -  Changing Statements to Questions Fun Deck $12.95 
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