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Fun Deck®

by Melanee Callough, Clint Johnson, & Amy Parks - Grades PreK-2

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by Lisa,  Portland, OR
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
Great for working on inferencing.

Good product
by Alexei,  Russia
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
I use it for kids to study English. They like it very much. They find the content (both pictures and text) very amusing

Thinking outside the box
by AdamsFmReviews,  Oregon
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
I chose this deck of cards for my 6 year old Daughter. Her kindergarten teacher has informed us that they are working on reading skills-decoding, comprehension and recalling details. My Daughter has been reading for at least two years but, I though this Fun Deck would be a neat way to have her dig-deeper into the meaning of what she is reading. They have encouraged her to use her imagination and problem solving skills.

by Cate D,  MIssion Viejo, CA
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
i was really excited to receive this Fun Deck and now that I have used it, I am very happy with it. It is fun and my students really enjoy it. They try to help each other and/or solve the mystery first!

great fun!
by Mary H,  Meadville, PA
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
I've used this with students from 2nd to 6th grade and they all loved it. It's great for increasing comprehension and inferencing skills. My students have lots of fun being "the detective" and always ask for more!

Love it
by Judy H.,  Yorba Linda, CA
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
My students are loving these "mini mysteries" and are taking it seriously to listen carefully so they can be the first to solve.

Love it!
by Anne M,  Kansas City, MO
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
Kids think it's fun and ask often to use these in thearpy! Great deck to teach inferencing!

Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
by Suzanne B.,  Missoula, MT
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
This is an engaging activity for students on the autism spectrum to practice pulling details together to get the "big picture." It fits with the idea of being a social detective.

by Michelle H.,  Portland, OR
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
These cards are great. The difficulty increases as the card number get higher therefore constantly challenging my son. He absolutely loves these and maintains his focus while using them.

Mini Mysteries Fun Deck
by SLP - School,  Leicester, NY
#FD64 – Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck
Mini mysteries fun deck is one of my students favorite activities to choose FOR FREE TIME!! Once I've used the activity for therapy, the kids request it again and again...its level of language and inference spark interest as well address their specific language goals. It gives little kids the feeling that they are doing big kid work, while having fun!

FD64 -  Mini-Mysteries Fun Deck® $12.95 
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