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Metaphors & Similes

Fun Deck®

by Molly Deshong - Grades 2 & Up, Ages 7 & Up

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Great scaffolding for non-literal language
by Paula Malone,  UT
#FD72 – Metaphors & Similes
Fun Deck
I used these cards with a student who has been struggling with understanding the meaning of non-literal language for a very long time. These cards provide answer choices for interpreting the meaning of each given simile or metaphor, and that is just the scaffolding support that my students needs!

Efficient Resource
by Susan S.,  Keller, TX
#FD72 – Metaphors & Similes
Fun Deck
Puts all the metaphors and similes in one can! Easy-quick!

by Nora C,  WV
#FD72 – Metaphors & Similes
Fun Deck
Useful for children for social skills

Metaphors & Similes
by Deborah M.,  Columbus GA
#FD72 – Metaphors & Similes
Fun Deck
These motivational cards are very useful and funny. The pictures are great.

nice pictures
by TN,  NY
#FD72 – Metaphors & Similes
Fun Deck
The great pictures help make the learning visual.

Metaphors and Similes
by G. R.,  Houston, TX
#FD72 – Metaphors & Similes
Fun Deck
I love this fun deck. It is quick and easy to pull out during therapy. It is great for students working on figurative language.

metaphors and similes
by Paula Rivers,  Columbia, MD.
#FD72 – Metaphors & Similes
Fun Deck
Metaphors and Similes focuses on higher level thinking skills which many students have difficulty with. Super Duper's Metaphors and Similes presents this skill with attractive, fun illustrations which motivate my students. Great job!

FD72 -  Metaphors & Similes Fun Deck $12.95 
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