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Name That Category!

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K-5

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by Tanya J.,  Madison, WI
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
A great resource to use as a grab and go or warm-up activity for students who are working on classifying!

Name that category
by Beth H,  Wichita, KS
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
Name that Category! cards have worked well to help my students understand categories. The cards have been a good compliment with the What Doesn't Belong cards.

Good Product
by Lauren V.,  Kansas City, MO
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
These cards have been very useful in working on categories in therapy.

Simple and Consistent
by LuAnn B.,  Joplin, MO
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
I love how the Categories cards are so simple to use and how they provide consistency in data collection! I know that each time I use them, the data is accurate and progress can be monitored easily.

Great Category activity
by Rachel G.,  Houston, TX
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
Lots of different categories, great for language goals and targets identifying and labeling the category that semantically related items belong too! Great activity!

Category fun
by Sydney D.,  Worcester, MA
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
These cards are a great way to teach categories that the children see every day. The cards come with a guide to tell you what the categories of each card is, but many times the cards can have multiple categories making their be no wrong answer.

Quick Easy Materials
by Sam M.,  Racine, WI
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
It's easy to grab this deck and use a few cards to work on categories and descriptions with a student with those language goals.

Great deck for many uses
by Cheryl M.,  Brooklyn, NY
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
I bought this deck to help with teaching categories. I love that there are so many category cards; everything else I have on categories has very few categories so is a lot less helpful. These cards with their good pictures are really good for teaching category names, prompting students to name additional items in a category, and also for labeling.

I like it
by Kim M.,  Lebanon, ME
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
Great to work into motivating games. A nice shortcut to making my own visuals or category lists.

Great Product!
by Sarah A.,  NY, NY
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
So useful for a range of ages!

Name that category fun deck
by Arlie H.,  Healdsburg, CA
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
This is a great way to motivate my kindergarten students to work on categorizing of things. The students think we are playing a game, when they are really learning. They love it, and request it.

Category Fun Deck
by Kim M.,  Fairfax, VA
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
I love this product. The pictures are child friendly and the deck contains vocabulary familiar to children so I don't have to teach the vocabulary first and get back to categories after that.

name that category
by Paula Rivers,  Columbia, MD.
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
The pictures are excellent for little ones, and I like the open-ended sentence on each card.

Name That Catagory Cards
by Meredith B.,  Orange County, CA
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
Great tool for lots of language uses, 'name the items' "describe what you do with them" 'name something else that goes with these" "what can't you do with these" etc. Just got these and already I use them with many students on my caseload.

Quick and Easy
by Kie'rra T.,  Lumberton, NC
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
This has been very useful and I never leave the house without it.

Name That Category Fun Deck
by Judy H.,  Yorba Linda, CA
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
This is a very nice deck with good pictures and categories that students should know. So far, I have used it to informally assess several students for annual reviews to see if they had this skill (they didn't). I am looking forward to using it a lot more in the near future!

by Lynn K,  Ventura, Ca
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
The pictures are very clear and colorful. The illustration are very simple but one thing that I don't like is that the paper is so slippery for a little hand to hold. Its very good cards.

Good bang for your buck!
by Maria K.,  Chesapeake Beach, Md
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
I like this one. Categories range from easy to more challenging. You can also target descriptive concepts and similarities and differences goals with older kids.

Awesome resource!
by Amy S.,  Knoxville, TN
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
I absolutely love these category cards! I have used them with so many of my students who have difficulty with vocabulary and categorizing. I have them name the 3 items pictured then tell why they go together. The kids love the pictures which get and hold their attention very well. I definitely recommend them to all SLPs who work with PK and Elem. aged kids.

Name That Category is the Best Card Deck Activity!!
by SLP - School,  Onarga, IL
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
My kids love "Name That Category!" I use it with all age groups, and they're all motivated to do better and better each time we use it! After they master naming the category, they do great with listing 3 items in each category because they can visualize the pictures. It's great to use as a competitive game as well. They like to see who can name more categories first. It can be used in many different ways and is a great product.

Fun Decks
by Parent,  Owens Cross Roads, AL
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
I have to first say I was not sure about the fun decks but took the chance and absolutely LOVED them! I purchased 4 decks for my son who has Autism for Christmas and he took right to them. This is always the first challenge, finding something he enjoys and can learn from! We love the fact that while you are using the category fun deck you are working on three things at one time oral language, categories, and fill in the blank. Usually when we have worked on categories we would separate items into their category but with the fun deck you are looking at three items and you have to name the category which is something we have never done. It was interesting to see it reversed and it really hit me that although my son is able to sort things into the right category he was not able to name the category by looking at three items from a category. We have only had these for a short time and my son has learned categories in a whole new way which will in time put the pieces together for him. I will definitely be back for more fun decks! Thank You

Fun & Easy
by SLP - Other,  Houston, TX
#FD79 – Name That Category! Fun Deck®
This card deck is so easy to use and really practicle. The pics are easy to make out and can be used for all age ranges. You can easily make sentences out of these too!

FD79 -  Name That Category! Fun Deck® $12.95 
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