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Context Clues in Stories

Super Fun Deck® with Super Duper® Secret Decoder

by Audrey Prince - Grades 3 and Up

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This Context Clues in Stories Super Fun Deck with Super Duper Secret Decoder has 120 story cards to help your students learn to figure out the meaning of difficult words as they read. There are two levels of cards (3" x 4").
  • Level 1 Fill In the Blank - (cards #1-60) Students listen to/read the story and choose the word that best fits into the context of the paragraph.
  • Level 2 Choose the Definition - (cards #61-120) Students listen to/read the story and choose the correct meaning of the blue, underlined word by looking at the clues in the paragraph.
Students can self-check their answers with the Super Duper Secret Decoder. Just hold the decoder over the answer choices to reveal the correct answer highlighted with invisible ink! Free decoder included.
Remember, to activate your Secret Decoder you must remove the isolator strip between the batteries. Click here for step by step instructions.
FD95 -  Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck® $39.95 
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