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Context Clues for high schooler.
by Nell A.,  Apopka , fl
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
This activity is straight forward and to the point . Not too much reading so the students have just enough information. My students biggest deficit is vocabulary and finding meaning while reading. Makes a lot of sense. Love it!

by Ashley,  WPB, FL
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I love using this with my students who don't quite understand context. They love using the decoder light so they want to read all of the cards. Everytime they get one wrong they put it into a pile and go back to it later. K-6 is the best group!!

5th Graders love it!
by Leslie B.,  Fairfax, VA
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
My 5th grader's love this deck! They recognize a lot of the topics from curriculum based material they are learning in class and love to check their answers with the secret decoder. They think it is a game. My only reason for not giving a 5 is because the decoder runs out of battery VERY quickly!

Context Clues
by Tabatha Marden,  Peoria, Arizona
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
This is a great activity I use with my language kiddos. I work as a SLT in several schools and have students with goals to recognize main idea and context clues. This activity can be used for other goals as well and my students love it!

by Kelly G.,  California
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
Love this product! The kids love the secret decoder!

Great product!
by Susan Korbitz,  Andrews, TX
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I use this product with our homeschool curriculum. It is a nice change of pace turning learning into a game. My homeschoolers have enjoyed this product and I will purchase more products like this!

Context clues
by Jan Filitti,  Asheville, NC
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I love this but wish you also had one with less difficult word to use with second and early third graders, even skilled first graders. This pack has difficult ideas and vocabulary, but I still have kids I can use it with. (I'm a tutor grades 1-4)

clues in stories
by Rebecca M.,  Stanford, KY
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
The students enjoy using the secret decoder in this activity. It is a great way to teach how to fill in blanks and use the information from the sentences to determine the answer that is the best fit. I also use it to help teach test taking strategies of ruling out choices that are offered.

Very nice!
by Heather,  Rolla, MO
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
My students love the secret decoder products! I have several and can't wait to start using this one with my students! I like that there are two reading levels.

Great Product
by Shira S.,  Brookly, NY
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I'm so glad I purchased this item. The deck is so useful and beneficial for the school-aged children I work with. Aside from its intended purpose (context clues), this deck is great because the short passages can also be used for working on basic reading comprehension. They are interesting and just the right length (given that most of my sessions are only 30 minutes long)! Best of all, my students can't wait to shine the light and find out if they were right!!

Love it!
by Martha S.,  Redmond, OR
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
The Context Clues In Stories Super Fun DeckĀ® is such a great game for providing kids with tools for comprehension in a fun context. I use it with my middle schoolers and upper elementary and they love it!

Context Clues Fun Deck
by S. Howden,  DeBary, Florida
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I am a BIG fan of the fun decks. As a Language Resource Teacher, I am in the classroom working with students in the area of Reading. One difficult concept for the children to understand, is Context Clues. This is a skill children need to master to improve their reading comprehension skills. The use of the Context Clues in Stories Super Fun Decks with my students has provided an additional and fun way to reinforce this skill. Academic relevance is too important to our job. This product provides relevant materials that directly impact learning for my students. Thanks.

Context Clues in Stories
by Ann,  Texas
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
Good for inference in short paragraphs. Children love the 'magic light' to discover if they have identified the right answer. Motivating and fun.

Context clues in stories
by Mary C.,  San Francisco, California
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
The middle school students are often not Interested in reading. The stories and topics are of interest to my special needs students. Vocabulary is learned and remembered best when taught in context. Using these cards rejuvenate enthusiasm. My students choose the story and read to the group of their peers. They then use the secret decoder to check the answer. This is a different approach to encourage literacy. Thank you

Great product!
by Sheri W.,  Greensboro, NC
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I just bought this product and am so happy with my purchase. It is great for teaching children new vocabulary words and method to figure out unknown words. The flashlight makes it a game and the children are amazed by it! Thanks for another great product super duper!!!

A great addition to my therapy materials
by Amy B,  NJ
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
My upper elementary school students love using these cards. The secret decoder is motivating. I sometimes ask them to come up with an alternate ending or have the students summarize the selections

Motivate Reluctant readers!
by Susan K.,  Sharpsburg, GA
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I have used the decoder series for several years. My students consider using the Context Clues Decoder Decks as a reward for completing assignments. They work in pairs or alone to see how many cards they can "beat" the magical decoder on. For struggling readers, this is a great tool!!

Context Clues Fun Deck
by Amy O,  Holland, MI
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
My students have loved using this fun deck. They struggle using context clues when reading and this supplemental activity has gotten them excited about figuring out the meaning of words they come across. This has been a great activity to use during center time.

Secret decoder fun!
by SLP - School,  wilmington
#FD95 – Context Clues In Stories Super Fun Deck®
I use this product with all my students starting with grades 3,. Excellent tool that motivates them to decode the answr, quick and easy way to teach them fatcs, works on reading comprehension skills, ofcourse context in clues. I modify it by giving them the answer in the blank and ask the student to summarize.........or ask them what the paragraph is talking about. Neat product, I highly recommend adding it to your therapy materials.

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