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Reading for Details in Stories

Super Fun Deck® with Super Duper® Secret Decoder

by Clint Johnson, Audrey Prince, and Wendy Ward - Grades 2-8

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by Julie F.,  Colorado Springs, CO
#FD97 – Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck
My students love this because of the secret decoder. They will read and read just to get a chance to use the decoder.

Super Duper fun!
by Jennifer D.,  Laurel, MS
#FD97 – Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck
This product is perfect for my students that struggle with reading comprehension!

Great tool
by Cate d.,  California
#FD97 – Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck
I use this with higher functioning students. It is a great tool for cognition, memory, and speech. I change it up and use it a number of ways!

Reading For Details
by Traci Folsom,  Birmingham, AL
#FD97 – Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck
A great product! Wonderful way to work on details. I can select the amount....one detail, two, which detail was NOT in the story. I can also use the creative stories the kit offers to discuss main idea of the story as well! I am really enjoying this product as well as my patients in the clinic where I work!

Reading for Details in Stories
by SLP - School,  Westborough, MA
#FD97 – Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck
Reading for Details in Stories contains narrative cards with key vocabulary/concepts for students to practice retaining. The Fun Deck cards are divided into three levels of difficulty with questions targeting the students ability to identifying one key detail out of four, to identifying the two details that were not in the story. I like the fact that each story is high interest. Each card is easy to read and the multiple choice of answers allows a student to sort through the possible choices before selecting the correct response. There are so many different experiences and topics that are contained in this product, based on events that a student would encounter. Many of the cards contain curriculum based information which makes this fun deck appropriate for a school setting. The narratives are appealing to all of my students who have used this. Many prefer to jump to the highest level and challenge each other. Using the Secret Decoder just adds to the fun and helps them check their answers on their own. A worthwhile purchase.

FD97 -  Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck $39.95 
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