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Story Retell

Fun Deck®

by Dale Ducworth - Grades 1 & Up, Ages 6 & Up

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Story Retell
by Diane,  Richmond Virginia
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
Nice selection of stories. Good sequencing of events.

Awesome variety of short stories
by Monica B.,  Allentown, PA
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
I use this fun deck for more than just story retell- "wh" questions, main idea, details, etc. Easy to pull from my shelf and get right to work!

Great skill builder!
by Renee B.,  Tampa, FL
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
My students are so excited to read and retell from this fun deck. They are able to pair up with each other and I can monitor and ask probing question to extend their learning.

Story Retell
by Jessica F.,  Dallas, TX
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
I really like using this fun deck to practice retelling, summarizing, and/or story elements. The stories are engaging and the visuals do a wonderful job of supporting the text. Once again, great job Super Duper!

Good material
by Davina,  Olmito, tx
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
This material I have used for all ages and I am able to manipulate to target other goals. Very satisfied with product

Story retell fundeck
by Lindy N,  Baltimore, MD
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
The fun decks are great, and the story retell one is no exception. It is also very useful for an SLP traveling to different schools and homes!

Story Retell
by Evelyn S.,  Charlotte, Mi.
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
Good resource for quick retell checks. I use this in combination with curriculum stories.

Great Stories!
by Katrina L.,  Rochester, MN
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
This is a fantastic deal for the number of stories included! I really like that there are two levels/lengths of stories, so I can use these stories with a number of students from my caseload from first grade to fifth grade when I read them aloud to them. I have had a hard time finding appropriate short stories to use in therapy, but these are awesome! I would definitely recommend this product to other school based SLPs.

Story Retell fun deck
by Jo,  Plymouth, IN
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
I just love using the Story Retell fun deck cards with my 3rd and 4th grade students. They really enjoy the stories. The colorful picture on each card also keeps their interest One student even reminds me to read the title of the card if I should forget!!

Colorful but small
by Sarah C.,  Wooster, Ohio
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
I'm an SLP, and the story retell deck is excellent for a myriad of disorders and targets. We use it for retelling stories that focus on verbs, main ideas, details, memory, and even articulation. The pictures are kid friendly and include enough context to be a great visual cue. I do wish the cards/pictures themselves were bigger though

Good therapy materials
by Lauren T.,  Dallas, TX
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
These cards are great for therapy. I have been able to use them to address multiple goals for students (i.e. story re-tell, answering -WH questions, creating sentences using past tense verbs, prepositions, etc). I would definitely recommend these picture cards for other speech therapists.

Story Retell
by Freida,  Brooklyn, NY
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
This deck of cards is great because it can be used in many ways! Not only can the cards be used to target listening and retelling stories, the pictures and great to use as prompts for story telling and writing.

Story Retell
by Deborah R,  Sharpsburg, GA
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
What an important skill to learn and these cards make it more fun. Wonderful pictures and stories that the kids love.

by Ashley R.,  St. John's NL
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
Good variety of stories. I love the picture cues.

Great pix and high interest
by Jane B,  Topsfield, MA
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
The colorful visuals and high interest stories keep my primary students engaged in the activity. It's easy to cover up the picture with an index if your benchmark is to do retells auditorily. I have also used the stories for predicting what could happen next as well. Having 60 cards provides a great deal of material for therapy.

Great & Useful Product
by Renee F.,  Bellville OH
#FD98 – Story Retell Fun Deck®
I have been using the Story Retell fun deck off and on for about 3 years. I love it! A couple months ago my principal was observing me in therapy and saw use of these cards first hand...he LOVED the activity and how it directly related to our state's academic content standards. So the next day he ordered several decks for our intervention specialists and instructed them to "have fun teaching story retelling to include details and correct sequencing!" ...first time a principal was ever excited about material I was using in school speech therapy!!! So now our school team is using this great product and our shared students are LEARNING very quickly! We are excited to see this year's OAT test results...Thank you, Super Duper! I have been a longtime customer and you are my favorite company!!! You hit one out of the park with this one!

FD98 -  Story Retell Fun Deck® $16.95 
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